How to Apply to PUA, Academic Year 2023 – 2024


  1. Fill out the admission form in the Admissions and Registration Department on campus.
  2. Provide an active e-mail indicating the student’s name as it is the most significant means of communication, and must be followed up regularly.


  1. Submit the following papers (originals, not photocopies) when filling out the admission form on campus.
  • Original high school diploma or a transcript of record certified by the educational administration
  • Original birth certificate
  • 6 personal photos
  • A copy of the student’s and his parent’s ID cards
  • Military form (Form No. 2) for male students (can be obtained from the Security Directorate within their governorate)
  1. On the same day of submitting the documents, students shall head to the Portfolio Office to receive a portfolio indicating the semester’s tuition fees, which shall be fully paid at the Commercial International Bank (CIB) branch located on campus.
  2. Students and their parents shall head to the interview committee with the payment portfolio and a personal photo of the student (4×6) to schedule an interview on the same day of paying the first semester tuition fees or the following day. After conducting the personal interview, students receive a temporary ID until final acceptance is announced by the Ministry.
  3. Students shall head to PUA’s clinic with the temporary ID to undergo a medical examination.

To ensure that all students complete the necessary registration procedures, deliver their registration, and get enrolled at the Ministry of Higher Education, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Students shall visit PUA’s website through the following link:
  2. Students shall click on “Apply Now” button as shown above, and fill in all the required information.
  1. To complete the enrollment procedures, the enrollment fees must be paid through electronic payment as shown above.
  2. To ensure that the process has been completed successfully, a confirmation message must be shown as above.
  3. Students will then receive a number indicating the success of the registration process via their emails.
  4. Student need to print the message received on their email, and head to PUA’s admission and registration office located in the Food-court to deliver their papers to the relevant employee, and receive a statement of delivery.
  5. Students shall then submit their statements of delivery to the payment portfolios office opposite to the Faculty of Engineering.
  6. After receiving the payment portfolio of the first semester’s tuition fees, students shall head to CIB to pay the fees.
  7. After that, PUA will send emails to the students indicating the date of their interviews.
  8. After finishing their interview, students English language proficiency will be identified.
  9. Having conducted their interviews and received their temporary IDs, students shall head to the clinic located on the ground floor, theoretical building, Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences, to undergo a medical examination, obtain the clinic’s stamp, and submit their Hepatitis C test.
  10. Once the enrollment period is closed as set by the Ministry, students need to regularly visit PUA’s website to find out the admission result.