Admission Procedures for the Academic Year 2020-2021

Important enrollment notes for the academic year 2020/2021

  • Paying for the application form online does not mean enrolling in the university. The student will be listed in admission according to the dates set by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • All the required documents should be uploaded on the website in PDF.
  • The student should obtain his/her certificate, so the grades total could be calculated in order to apply on the website.
  • Upload personal passport-size photo (6*4).
  • There should be more than one telephone number for each student to communicate easily with the student. The students’ names should be clear in their email addresses which are the most important means of communication and should be checked daily.
  • Secondary School Certificates from KSA: the certificate of the aptitude test and school certificate should be uploaded in PDF.
  • American Diploma: the certificates of grade (10-11-12), SAT1 and SAT2, primary and preparatory should be uploaded as well as the Username and Password of student’s online account in College Board website (for SAT scores).
  • G.C.S.E: all the student’s trials should be uploaded in PDF as well as primary and preparatory certificates.
  • Other foreign secondary schools certificates: the school certificate and primary and preparatory certificates should be uploaded.

For registration and enrollment at Pharos University and the Ministry of Higher Education,    applicants should follow the procedures below in order:

  1. Visiting the official website of Pharos University on the following link:
  2.  Clicking on APPLY NOW as indicated in the picture and fill out the form with the needed information.

3. To fill the application, registration fees have to be paid online as is indicated below.

4. The applicant will receive a receipt confirming the online-payment process like what follows.

5. The applicant will receive a number confirming the registration process on his/her e-mail.

6. The applicant should print this message and submit the printout along with all needed documents to the concerned employee in the Office of Admissions and Registration on the ground floor in the Food Court building. The applicant then will receive a formal letter proving the submission of these documents.

7. The applicant should head for the tuition fees collection office in front of the faculty of Engineering to submit the formal letter and obtain the payment order, with which tuition fees are to be paid.

8. After obtaining the payment order, the applicant should head to the CIB branch in campus to pay tuition fees for the first semester.

9. The applicant will receive an email with the date of his/her interview.

10. After the interview, the student’s English level will be determined.

11. After the interview and receiving the temporary ID, the student should head to the campus clinic in the Humanities and Social Studies building (the faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences) to obtain the medical examination report marked with a seal of approval after the applicant submits an analysis report of Hepatitis C virus (HCV).

12. The student should visit the university’s website to know the admission results after the end of admission phase according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education.