PUA Rules and Regulations

  • University Admission Policy:

The University accepts qualified applicants who meet the requirements set by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. All applicants are equal in terms of gender, religion, and nationality.

  • Educational System:

All the courses are taught in English language. Every course has a specific number of credit hours; usually a one hour lecture equals one credit hour, and a two hour laboratory equals one credit hour, unless the College Academic Regulations state otherwise.

The academic year is divided into three semesters: fall, spring and summer. Fall and spring semesters last for 15 weeks each, while the summer semester lasts for 6 weeks. Practical courses are taught only in summer in the first four years.

  • Academic Advising:

The University appoints a faculty member for every student to help the student in the registration procedures and provide him with guidance and counseling in the study programmes.

Registration Procedure:

At the beginning of every semester, students register during the announced registration period. Students choose courses in coordination with the academic advisor, who must – before registration – approve on the academic load on the student. The Registration Department announces the registration rules and procedures onregular basis.

Rules and Regulations