Students Gathering where they exchange ideas about suggested topics with one facilitator per group and a teacher from the ELC Shadowing each group for delayed feedback. Activities will differ according to topics to be discussed and these vary from debates to individual presentations.


  1. To Improve Students fluency in English.
  2. To build up confidence in communicating in English.
  3. To create a Platform for students to express their opinions and ideas.
  4. For students to receive a Feedback on their performance and work on suggested areas.

Venue: – ELC Classes

People in Charge: -Student facilitator: Hazem Nasef

Under Supervision of Mayar Ahmed

Suggested Time &Duration: – Tuesdays 12:30 to 02:30

Suggested Topics: –

Yin & Yang

  • How can you Judge someone to be Good or Evil?!
  • Why are you Good or Evil?!
  • Is it a natural Talent?!
  • Can the Evil Choice be the Good Choice?!
  • Is There Absolute Good & Absolute Evil?!

Do you Need Or Want This?!

– “Nish”?!
– HUGE Wedding Gold?!
– Sports’ Intolerance?!
– Job Titles?!
– Pretending to be Rich, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Classy (Girls)

Smartphones and Stupid people

  • How often do you use your Phone, when, why and for what?!
  • Can you live without it?!
  • Do you see that Smartphones make people Dumber?!


  • Love
  • Coffee, Food, Cigarettes
  • Attention
  • Mirror Talking & Singing in the Bathroom
  • Greatness & Leading
  • Loud Music, Movies & Series, Gaming
  • Adrenaline Rush

In or Out

  • Why?!
  • What do you do?!