december 2023 WEBINAR

Nurturing Little Minds: The Art of Holistic Teaching in Early Years Education

Sunday 3rd December, 2023 at 09:00 AM – Egypt Time (+2 GMT)

Presented by Dr. Sherine Darwish

This session is tailored for early years educators, preschool teachers, childcare professionals, and anyone involved in the foundational stages of a child’s education. Parents and guardians seeking a deeper understanding of holistic approaches to early childhood development will also find great value in attending. The content is designed to benefit those who are passionate about creating a well-rounded educational experience for young learners, fostering their cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth. Whether you are an experienced educator looking to enhance your teaching strategies or someone new to the field eager to build a strong foundation, this webinar provides valuable insights and practical tools for anyone committed to nurturing the holistic development of children in their formative years.

Working with emergent language

Tuesday 5th December, 2023 at 14:00 PM – Egypt Time (+2 GMT)

Presented by Kadir Özsoy

Emergent language refers to unplanned language that comes up naturally as the need to understand language  better and convey meaning more appropriately arises during a lesson. Responding to emergent language involves teachers and learners’ working together to shape these learning moments which could possibly lead to increased learner involvement with relatable content targeting real needs of the learners. This webinar will look at ways to develop teachers’ understanding of emergent language and improve skills to work with unplanned language that arises naturally at various stages of a lesson. The webinar will present reactive teaching ideas that will take error correction a step further and embed it in a structured teaching philosophy.

Mindfulness in Teaching English

Sunday 10th December, 2023 at 11:00 AM – Egypt Time (+2 GMT)

Presented by Meral Ceylan

As the learning conditions including science, technology, and education have changed through time, the teaching skills needed by 21st-century teachers have increased too. Teachers should develop some certain skills such as critical thinking and technological skills to integrate into their teaching. While teaching English can be quite challenging for teachers, keeping up with time may stress them too. Also, English learners may experience language anxiety which is an adverse condition for both teachers and learners because it may hinder effective learning. One way to help learners overcome their language learning anxiety and hinder language teachers from feeling burnout is to use mindful practices and carry out activities that include mindfulness practices. This presentation introduces mindfulness to teachers.

How to Motivate ESL Students Beyond Language and Toward Job Preparedness for Future Careers

Wednesday 13th December, 2023 at 03:00 PM – Egypt Time (+2 GMT)

Presented by Joan Ramirez

In my years of teaching English as a Second Language I’ve always stressed the importance of context and content. It is vital to know how words work in the context of a sentence to be able to communicate effectively. As students advance in their grade levels, it is important to stress, as educators, that preparing to work at a job should bring personal gratification and not just a paycheck. While all jobs require a certain level of English language comprehension skills, students should be given the opportunity to decide if college is right for them.

How to adapt materials and coursebooks

Tuesday 19th December, 2023 at 10:00 AM – Egypt Time (+2 GMT)

Presented by Clariana Lucas

This webinar will discuss how teachers can adapt ESL course books and materials to make them more engaging and effective for learners. The webinar will cover three key areas: adapting to kinesthetic activities, creating online games and activities, and making the material more relevant by connecting to students’ reality. The webinar will provide teachers with practical tips and strategies that they can use in their own classrooms.

How to plan/design inclusive learner-centered materials

Wednesday 20th December, 2023 at 09:00 AM – Egypt Time (+2 GMT)

Presented by Meyly Kheng

The shift of attention from teachers to students has been navigating through the landscape of teaching and learning. With this shift introduced into the new era, educators have been looking for ways to empower students while enhancing their learning. There comes the introduction of a learner-centered approach, specifically an explicit skill instruction, which is the main focus of this webinar: to discuss learner-centered principles and the meaning of an explicit skill instruction. The webinar will discuss how this instruction works in the classroom. There will be demonstrations of this type of instruction with examples. It will also focus on the practicality of this instruction; especially what activities can be embedded with this instruction for the enhancement of student learning. One of the most important points this webinar wants to deliver to the audience is how to implement an explicit skill instruction in the classroom to promote learner autonomy and student engagement. The webinar will conclude with the potential challenges and suggestions for the betterment of this instruction in future implementations.