The Faculty organizes many events and activities that support the principles of sustainability including:

Environmental Week

Organizing the Environmental Week each semester and from its activities inviting specialized experts from the industry to educate students and faculty members about the importance of preserving the environment and organizing seminars and workshops to raise awareness of healthy food systems and healthy eating habits, as well as
the gardening and greening initiatives of the faculty under the slogan “Let’s make our faculty green”.
• Awareness and community service campaigns conducted by the Faculty for secondary and preparatory schools in Alexandria, as well as Alexandria port employees on the principles of sustainability.

The World Heritage Day and the Antica Festival

• Participation in the celebration of The World Heritage Day and The Antica Festival in collaboration with Alexandria Governorate.
• It is now being agreed upon to sign a protocol of cooperation between the Faculty and the Ministry of Environment to be presented to the university.

Dr. Regine Schulz Workshop “sustainable development issues”

• Visiting professors specializing in sustainable development issues, such as Prof. Dr. Regine Schulz, Director of the Roemer- und Pelizaeus Museum, General Director of the Hildesheim City Museum and Chairman of the International Advisory Council of Museums (ICOM) and Assistant Professor of Egyptology in Munich, Germany, on Wednesday 22 February 2017, During which she delivered a lecture entitled “The Threat to the Sustainability of Cultural and Civilizational Heritage and How to Confront it: Strategies, Methodologies and Tools.”

Dr. Gerard Dunne Visiting

• Also the visit Dr. Gerard Dunne Lecturer at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Ireland, from 28/10/2018 to 01/11/2018, specializing in sustainable tourism and tourism management sciences.

Sustainable tourism Day

The faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management hosted a celebration of the Tourism International Day on Tuesday 10/10/2017. The event was held under the supervision of Prof. Amany Refaat, the Dean of the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management. A considerable number of faculty members, teaching assistance staff and faculty students of different academic classes. The celebration was also attended by a number of key decision- makers and experts in the field; some of whom were Mr. Ayman Morsi, the Director-General of Tourism Projects at the Tourism Development Authority; Dr. Osama El Kholy, the Deputy Minister of Tourism in Alexandria; Mr. Magdy Saleem, the former Deputy Minister of Tourism and a tourist expert and Dr. Mahmoud Mowad, a tourist expert. A seminar was held on the sidelines of the celebration of the Tourism International Day to discuss the theme chosen for this year: Sustainable Tourism- a Tool for Development. The seminar also discussed the opportunities and challenges of sustainable development of tourism in Egypt. At the end of the seminar, the experts answered the students’ enquiries and received their comments in an open discussion.