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Welcome to the International Cooperation Page of Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA). As internationalization is one of PUA’s key strategic goals. PUA International Relations Administration (IR) has built numerous collaborative links with European, American and Asian global University. It works closely to ensure its students receive a global standard of education enabling them to compete in local, regional and international job markets. Collaborations include an array of activities such as staff and student exchange, program development and dual degree programs, joint research, Erasmus programs as well as organization of joint conferences and symposia.
Our main objective is to continue the university’s successful internationalization strategy, and reinforcing our strong global ties by further collaboration in Education and Research in turn enhancing the university’s worldwide standing. We also help international students, scholars, and faculty and staff members to navigate the complexities of visa arrangements, accommodation and transport. We are committed to providing information and services, taking into account the institutional policies and regulations.
It is our pleasure to welcome you at PUA. We would also like to encourage you to contact the IR with any questions you have regarding the services we provide, whether you are a student already enrolled in a study program, a perspective student or a faculty member.

Ass. Prof. Mennatallah Gowayed
Head of International Relations Department
Pharos University in Alexandria

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The mission of PUA International Relations administration is to promote and strengthen collaborative links with International institutions and agencies. it facilitate access to new opportunities of education and training enabling the formation of qualified, innovative and challenging students, staff and researchers.

Inspired by its name, Pharos University strives for creating international cooperation networks to enlighten the Institute towards the inclusion of  international dimensions to all the PUA’s teaching, learning, research and community service activities and building PUA as a global University.

  • ​Enhance internationalization that helps PUA to be one of the leading comprehensive universities in the region and across the globe.
  • Encourage an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive university community and produce graduates who are committed to being active, broadminded and involved in their communities to become tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Develop international initiatives and activities projects which would encourage the implementation of new ideas, knowledge and methodologies and enable students and Faculty to gain international practice.

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