ELC Students Activities

Student Activities

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ELC Students Activities

“As a big advocate of outdoor classrooms, I don’t miss a chance to take the students outside to enjoy the fresh air and the birds singing while learning.

Today, it was a skilled-based lesson that includes listening, reading, and speaking. Therefore, I finished the listening part inside the classroom and then moved with them to a remote quiet area inside the university campus where we sit to practice reading and speaking.

Every time I give my students the choice to stay inside the classroom or to take the lesson outside, they choose to go out. What about your students?! ” Noha Helmi – ELC English Instructor



” I always like to do something refreshing to my exhausted students after the Midterm Exams. Sometimes, I take them outside and give an outdoor lesson, but that day the weather wasn’t that good; therefore, I decided to go for a Treasure Hunt inside the Building. I chose a skill based lesson about challenging situations and winning. The lesson started like any other lesson, but the big surprise was toward the end.

The last activity in the lesson summarized what the whole lesson was about.  It was a Treasure Hunt that has the sense of the challenge and the desire to win in its essence. I prepared 8 identical clues for two teams (attached in a word file)

I gave the two teams the first clue and asked them to find the 2nd one. It was hidden in the classroom. In each place, there were two clues for both teams, but the winning factors were the ability to get the clue first, to collect all the clues, and to get the congratulations card before the other team. The students were really excited about it, and to reduce the noise and control them, I distributed all the rest of the clues in the ELC so as not to disturb other departments.

I had also to notify my colleagues in the ELC to be ready for the action scene, e.g. watching students running all over the place to get their next clue first.

As a teacher, I would always go the extra mile to make the English lessons more enjoyable and fun.

Wish all teachers would walk the extra mile with their students and think out of the box to make the learning experience an unforgettable one. ” Noha Helmy – G50B English Lecture

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“As a big advocate of outdoor classrooms, I make sure to seize every possible chance to take my students outside. In the first session, I took my students to the cafeteria behind the Faculty of Mass Communication to do the ice-breaking activities that any teacher would usually do at the beginning of each semester.The aim was to build a good rapport with my students and build a friendly atmosphere that encourages communication and collaboration in a stress-free environment.I chose this place because it’s quiet and away from the busy outdoor areas of the university campus. Plus, the students had the chance to bring over snacks and drinks they like.It was really fun and the students were really happy. The smiles were all over their faces all the time.Are we going to repeat it again? Yes we will, especially after the Midterm Exams when the students are really exhausted and their batteries are out of charge.I believe it’s good to take them outside to help them relax, take a deep breath and get ready for the rest of the semester.” Noha Helmi – G50B English Teacher.


Fall 2022 – Short Stories by E5 Students

  • English Story – by Ibrahim Mamdouh – Faculty of Engineering – PUA


  • The Medical Swindle – by Alaa Harby – Faculty of Engineering – PUA


  • The Firefly – by Habiba Ahmed – Faculty of Pharmacy – PUA


  • Freedom – by Sherif Magdy – Faculty of Engineering – PUA


  • A struggling woman – by Youssef El Bakry – Faculty of Pharmacy – PUA


  • White mocha – by Nada Alaa- Faculty of Pharmacy – PUA


  • Christmas Eva – by Omar Abdellatif – Faculty of Engineering – PUA


  • Apocalypse upon us – by Mayar Ashraf – Faculty of Pharmacy – PUA


  •  The woods – by Ahmed Salem – Faculty of Pharmacy – PUA


  •  The Ripper’s betrayal – by Fares Youssef – Faculty of Pharmacy – PUA


Foundation Project Students – Fall 2023

“Excited to share the success of our Foundation Students Project! It has been a rewarding experience to see our students develop their skills and achieve their goals. As a team, we have worked tirelessly to provide them with a strong foundation for their future. From academic achievements to personal growth, our students have impressed us every step of the way. Proud to be a part of this impactful project and grateful for the opportunity to shape the leaders of tomorrow. #FoundationStudentsProject #Education #Empowerment”