The faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management of Pharos University in Alexandria is planning for a Chef Apprenticeship approach targeting professional international chefs from different cultures.

The chef Apprenticeship approach is designed with a particular focus on young students who aspire to work in a professional kitchen or start their own restaurant business.  Students will acquire both theoretical international sessions in culinary art as well as training in the kitchen lab (core elements of culinary arts). This is to provide students with skills, showcasing the correct cooking techniques required to work as a beginner/intermediate-level chef to prepare them for real-world industry experience in a professional kitchen.

Chef Apprenticeship

           Academic Year 2022-2023

           Academic Year 2023-2024

         Academic Year 2020-2021

           Academic Year 2021-2022

Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management is honoring and recognizing the great efforts of all international chefs as being a part of creating such successful memories 
1- Chef Noel  – Instructor – Culinary art Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology – New Zealand
2- Chef Aleesandro Calabrisotto Enterprueneur Chef – Zurick– Switzerland
3- Chef Adam Dvorak Owner and founder Dvorak Patisserie
4- Chef Micaela Alejandrina –  Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Egypt,
5. Chef Kevin Abangan Chef De Partie – Blue Celentro – Cayman Islands

                                   Chef Apprenticeship Successful memories

Stay tuned many to achieve