An invitation

In the context of concern of Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations, to contribute in providing a platform for discussion and formulating a legal and community integrated vision on contemporary issues. We have the honor to invite you to attend conference on ‘Legal and Political Vision for Water Security in Egypt.’’ On Thursday 2nd of  May 2019  at Pharos University conference hall. Please note that attendance registration will begin at 9:00 am.

Thank you.

Professor Dr. Hammam Mohamed Zahran

Dean of Faculty of Legal Studies And International Relations.

About Pharos University:

Pharos University is the first Egyptian private university in Alexandria. It was established by Presidential Decree No. 252, 2006 and Presidential Decree No. 302, 2009.The university’s certificates are all accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education.

About the Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations:

The Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations at Pharos University seeks to be a distinguished and pioneering entity at the regional and international levels in the legal, academic and social fields.

A graduate capable of competing in the local, regional and international labor market, and a researcher able to contribute and excel in the field of legal research to serve the community academically and morally.

Objectives of the conference:

  • Evaluation of Egypt’s Water status and the identification of elements affecting it.
  • Contribution by developing a strategic plan for the conservation of Egypt’s water resources.
  • Contribution by developing a strategic plan to enhance Egypt’s water resources.
  • Highlighting the efforts of relevant state institutions concerned in protecting water resources and exchanging opinions on optimal solutions to meet challenges and threats.
  • Contributions to support Egypt’s water legal case.
  • Call for diplomatic mobilization and action regarding international organizations.
  • Call for attention to relevant scientific research.

The Conference themes:

Statistical Framework:

  • Definition of the Nile basin and its neighboring countries.
  • Database on water, population and climate in Egypt and Nile Basin countries.

Legal Framework:

  • Firstly, Egypt’s rights in Nile water in light of the principles of international law and international conventions.
  • Second, taking advantage of the Framework of the Convention on the Law of Non-navigational Uses of International Water courses.

Political Framework:
Mechanisms for solving problems related to Nile water:
Firstly Friendly mechanisms:

  • Diplomatic mechanisms (negotiations -conciliation –mediation)
  • Invitation to international organizations (United Nations – African Union).

Secondly, Judicial mechanisms for resolving international disputes:

  • Arbitration
  • Recourse to International Court of Justice (Advisory Jurisdiction-Judicial Jurisdiction)
  • African Court of Human Rights.

Technical Framework:
Mechanisms for solving problems related to Nile water:
First, the role of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources in the management of the Nile river water case.

Second, scientific contributions to overcome the shortage of fresh water.

Committees of the Conference

Conference Coordinator:

– Dr. Ahmed Samir Ahmed Nasser

Registration and Reception Committee:

  • Ms. Salma Mohammed Abdul Nabi, Assistant Lecturer at Commercial Law Department.
  • Ms.Shahd Amin Mustafa, Assistant Lecturer at Criminal Law Department.
  • Ms.Fatima Saber Jalo, Assistant Lecturer at Economics and Public Finance Department.
  • Ms. Aya Mohamed Hassan El-Zoghbi, Demonstrator at History and Philosophy Department.

Public Relations Committee::

  • Dr. Alaa Mohamed Ismail Abed Rabah, Lecturer at Criminal Law Department.
  • Mr.Abu Bakr Ibrahim Sarhan, Assistant Lecturer at Procedural Law Department.
  • Mr.Mahmoud Mansour Al-Deeb, Demonstrator at the Civil Law Department.

Scientific Committee::

  • Prof. Walid Hassan Fahmi, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and Head of of Public International Law Department.
  • Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Alim El Agamy, Head of Economics and Public Finance department.
  • Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abd El Aati, Lecturer at Civil Law Department.
  • Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Shehata, Lecturer at Islamic Sharia department.


  • Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Jaber, Lecturer of Civil Law Department.
  • Mr Salah Mahmoud Hassin, Assistant Lecturer Public Law Department.
  • Ms.Marwa Saad Abdel-Aziz, Assistant Lecturer International Private Law Department.
  • Ms. Afnan Mohamed Hassan, Assistant Lecturer Commercial Law Department.
  • Ms.Marwa Ali Sharif, Demonstrator of Islamic Sharia Department.

Publications Committee:
Ms. Hajar Mahmoud Abdel Latif, Assistant Lecturer at Public International Law Department.

To call us:

Pharos University, Qanal Al Mahmoudia Street, next to the Green Plaza Complex

3877000 (203)+

E-mail: –


On Thursday 2-5-2015 
List of speakers
The speaker Job discription
Prof.dr. hamam Mohamed Zahran Dean of faculty of legal studies and international relation.
And professor of civil law at faculty of law, Alexandria university.
Prof .dr. ahmed abo el Wafa Professor of public international law at faculty of law, Cairo university
C. dr. Mosaaed abd el moaty Counselor at administrative prosecution and member of the board of directors of the Egyptian association of international law.
Prof. dr. Mohamed Shawky Abd elalProfessor of international law at faculty of economics and political, Cairo university.
Dr.nader ali saad el MasryGeneral director of regional cooperation in the Nile water sector, ministry irrigation and water resources.
Prof. Dr. Essam Ezzat ShalabyProfessor at faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria university
Session managers
Prof. Dr. Amin Mustafa Dean of faculty of law , Alexandria university. (the manager of legal session)
Prof. dr. kadry Mahmoud IsmailDean of Faculty of economics and political science. (the manager of political session)


Thursday 2-5-2019
Registration 9-10 am
Dean of the Faculty
Opening word
10-10:15 am
Team of Faculty Students
Statistical Evaluation of Egypt Water status
Dr.Ahmad Abou Alwafa
Legal Framework: The rights of Egypt in the waters of the Nile River in the light of International law principles and International conventions.
15 mins for discussion
Dr.Mosad Abd alati -Consular of Administrative Prosecution
Legal Framework: Advantages of the Framework of the Convention on the Law of Non-navigational Uses of International Water courses.
15 mins for discussion
Coffee- tea Break12:30-1:30
Prof.Sayed felfil
Political Framework: Friendly mechanisms on solving the problems related to the water of the Nile river.
15 mins for discussion
Prof.Mohamed Shawky
Political Framework: Judicial mechanisms for resolving international disputes.
2:30- 3
15 mins for discussion
Prof. Nader Ali
Technical Framework: The Role of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources in managing the water File of the Nile river.
3:15 -3:45
15 mins for discussion
Prof. Essam Shalaby4- 4:30
Technical Framework: Scientific contributions to overcome the lack of fresh water.15 mins for discussion
Recommendations Committee
Closing statement and recommendations