Tutors’ biography

Judith Hudson

Tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria August 2015 and

June 2016

I have been an English teacher & trainer for 40+ years. I have a Master of Applied Linguistics (TESOL) from Macquarie University, Australia and a Dip RSA/Delta.  I have taught on most continents and enjoy learning from her learners and teachers alike; I now work as an independent teacher trainer traveling internationally. My particular interests include engaging teachers to be more enthusiastic about using Cuisenaire Rods, helping teachers understand creative & different ways of introducing Lexis & Grammar, balancing coursebooks with authentic materials, Task-Based Learning Teaching and finding ways to enthuse teachers to lose their fear of teaching pronunciation.

Olga Stolbova

Tutor at Pharos University in Alexandrias June 2017 to Present

MA Teaching English, Voronezh State Pedagogical University

Cambridge DELTA

IH Teacher Training certificate

IH COLT ( Online language Teaching)

Cambridge Speaking Examiner

CELTA trainer


I am an experienced teacher and teacher trainer with overall teaching experience of more than 20 years. I have taught general, business and academic English to students of different ages in mono- and multi-lingual classes. I have also taught IELTS and Cambridge examination classes.

I have worked in a number of countries including Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, China, Vietnam, the Czech Republic and the U.S. Every time I am learning something new about my students and my teaching.  I love traveling, trying new food and exploring new places.

Abeer Ali Okaz

CELTA tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria since July 2015

A teacher, teacher trainer, Cambridge CELTA tutor and NILE DELTA Module 2 TP tutor, a NILE and TransformELT consultant as well as an Educational Testing Services (ETS) certified TOEIC trainer.

I am the Director of Studies and Educational Consultant at Pharos University in Alexandria. I am a teacher trainer, CELTA tutor, and a DELTA Module 2 TP tutor. I am a NILE and TransformELT and Eaquals consultant. I have 23 years of experience, ten of which focused on strategic and organizational management, and training in higher education. I have published in international journals and done training in Ireland, the USA, KSA, Kyiv, and South Africa. I have been presenting in international conferences since 2007. My professional special interests are teacher training, materials development, management, ICT and working closely with teachers.

Dalia Ashraf

CELTA tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria

since August 2017

Dalia is the Senior Academic Coordinator at PUA.

She is a freelance teacher trainer, Cambridge CELTA tutor and NILE DELTA Module 2 TP tutor.

I am a teacher and teacher trainer who genuinely enjoys sharing my knowledge while also being open to learning from the people I meet. I currently hold the position of Senior Academic Coordinator at Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA). My main role is to provide mentorship to coordinators and deliver training to teachers. My role also encompasses the development of a comprehensive curriculum spanning from A1 to C2 levels, as well as ensuring overall educational quality.

In addition to my university responsibilities, I happily serve as a freelance trainer, collaborating with esteemed institutions. I design courses tailored to address specific needs and deliver tailored training programs to school teachers.

Throughout my journey, I have acquired experience in training both pre-service and in-service teachers across diverse

educational settings, including language centers, schools, and universities.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights in international webinars and conferences. I cherish the opportunity to engage with educators from around the world, valuing the reciprocal nature of learning and the chance to grow together within the educational community.