Tutors’ biography

Judith Hudson

Tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria August 2015 and

June 2016

I have been an English teacher & trainer for 40+ years. I have a Master of Applied Linguistics (TESOL) from Macquarie University, Australia and a Dip RSA/Delta.  I have taught on most continents and enjoys learning from her learners and teachers alike; I now work as an independent teacher trainer travelling internationally. My particular interests include engaging teachers to be more enthusiastic about using Cuisenaire Rods, helping teachers understand creative & different ways of introducing Lexis & Grammar, balancing coursebooks with authentic materials, Task-Based Learning Teaching and finding ways to enthuse teachers to lose their fear of teaching pronunciation.

Lauren Granger-Brown

Tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria August 2015

I am an English language teacher, CELTA trainer and crazy cat lady based in Queensland, Australia.  I have worked across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Europe, bringing my dynamic and quirky classroom style to an international cohort of unsuspecting students and trainees. I will deploy whatever works and engages to set a context and clarify a language point, from undignified ham acting, to a video grab, to traditional grammar analysis.  I urge all students to read widely and critically to expand both their language awareness and their minds, and encourages new teachers to focus on identifying and conveying the core and implicit meanings in language items.  I see English as a tool for expression and knowledge acquisition, and favours low-tech teaching methods suitable for any environment.  I have extensive experience in academic English and university preparation, exam courses and teaching general English at all levels.

Jacqueline Douglas

Tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria October 2016


I am a trainer and teacher at Bell School in Cambridge from April – September, and then freelance October to March.  I have 20 years experience in ELT, and various countries including Turkey, Spain and Bolivia.  During my14 years as a CELTA trainer, I have worked in South America, south east Asia, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia as well as Egypt.  I did my MA with NILE, focusing on materials development. Jacquelinethetrainer.wordpress.com

Olga Stolbova

Tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria June 2017

MA Teaching English, Voronezh State Pedagogical University

Cambridge DELTA

IH Teacher Training certificate

IH COLT ( Online language Teaching)

Cambridge Speaking Examiner

CELTA trainer


I am an experienced teacher and teacher trainer with overall teaching experience of more than 20 years. I have taught general, business and academic English to students of different ages in mono- and multi-lingual classes. I have also taught IELTS and Cambridge examination classes.

I have worked in a number of countries including Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, China, Vietnam, the Czech Republic and the U.S. Every time I am learning something new about my students and my teaching.  I love travelling, trying new food and exploring new places.


Tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria June and July 2017

BA in English Language Teaching (ELT) (Anadolu University, Eskisehir)

MA in English Language Teaching (Bilkent University, Ankara)

Ph. D. in English Language Teaching (Anadolu University, Eskisehir)

CELTA Trainer

OTA Trainer


Aysel Kilic is a full-time faculty of Anadolu University. Although she did not start her journey to become an English teacher, she fell in love with teaching when she was doing her practicum in her senior year in the department and since then teaching is her passion. She has been working in the ELT field for twenty-five years. She started her teaching career in the English Language Teaching (ELT) Department of Anadolu University. Between 2003 and 2014 she worked as the deputy director of School of Foreign Languages and the head of Basic Languages Department. She carried out her administrative duties along with teaching in the ELT department. She is also academic coordinator of Testing and Evaluation in English course in the distance ELT program of Open Education Faculty since 2003. In the early years of her professional life, she taught mainly skills courses and specialized in teaching writing skills. Then she started teaching Methodology courses and supervising Teaching Practice. After being involved in pre-service teacher training for about 15 years, she looked for opportunities to use her knowledge and skill as a teacher trainer in an internationally recognized program and that’s when she decided to become a CELTA trainer, and was trained up and approved as a CELTA trainer in the summer of 2013. Her interests include pre-service and in-service teacher training, professional development, assessment, materials design, blended learning and flipped classroom. She is currently based in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Andriy Ruzhynskiy

Tutor at Pharos University in Alexandria July 2017

MA High Honours, Phylology, Karazin Kharkiv National University

PhD in Teaching, Pushkin Institute, Moscow


I am a Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer at International House Language Center, Kharkiv, Ukraine. I have been teaching English and Russian to students from all over the world since 1984. My teacher training career started in 2002, when I became an SIT TESOL trainer, and then in 2007 I got licensed to run CELTA and IHCTL courses as well. I have run teacher training courses in about 15 countries, from Canada to New Zealand. I am convinced that this is real blessing to have this job as it gives me fantastic chances to meet super professional people all over the world. I regularly take part in conferences and workshops on teaching techniques and approaches in my country and abroad. I am also a singer at a Ukrainian folk group.