Associate professor

Office No: D 511

Extension. No.: 2309

I am associate professor of Tourism Studies Department at faculty of tourism and hotel management Pharos university since semester spring 2013/2014 as a supervisor for tourism department , and since spring 2016/2017as vice dean for education and students affairs I have 24 years of experience in teaching specialized subjects of travel agencies , airlines , introduction to tourism and tourism marketing for high education level.
My skills and knowledge are employed to teach sustainable tourism with the necessary course design and adaptation. My passion in culture and travel made it possible for me to communicate with different cultures and succeed to cooperate with exchange-teachers of different cultures. It also helped me to perform the duties of a member of a research group working with different nationalities of colleagues and students of Innholland University and Senghore university from Holland, France, and African countries with success. I also contribute with my knowledge and experience in tourism sustainable development projects in Alexandria.

• Tourism marketing
• Sustainable tourism
• Quality of tourism services
• Cultural tourism

Position Starting Date Ending Date
· Lecturer in tourism department (higher institute of tourism , hospitality &computer, elseyouf) till 2013-2014 · 2019 · Spring 2016
· From 2014 till 2016 Lecturer in tourism department (faculty of tourism and hotel management pharos university) · Spring 2013/2014 · Spring 2016
· From 2016 Associate professor in tourism department (faculty of tourism and hotel management pharos university · Spring 2016/2017 · Till now
· From March 2017 vice dean in charge of education and students affaires · March 2016/2017 · Till now
· From October 2019 supervisor of tourism department · Oct 2019 · Till Oct. 2019
Scientific Activities Date
· Member of the university reviewing and auditing committee of quality assurance · 2017/2018
· Member of internal reviewing committee in the faculty · 2017/2018
· Member of the professional exam committee · 2016/2017