Project main Focus:

The current project focuses on awareness of sustainability and sustainability science and use of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a tool for new teaching and learning delivery mechanisms, a diffusion of channels to market, and stakeholder expectations for increased impact.  The project also focuses on  implementing sustainability in  research areas on which combined perspectives could be: innovation and social-ecological-technological systems interactions, patterns of transformation, and change agents for transformation.

Project main goal:

The main goal of the project is to main stream sustainable development ideas and sustainability science into education and research in Pharos university. The objective is to create learning opportunities for students, and practitioners in the field of sustainability to meet the need required to comprehensively address sustainable development as a new way of running the university, with restructuring and/or tuning of academic functions, including “the changing of paradigm from industry-market driven research and learning process to the one that is backboned by sustainability.