CSED’s Council Members

Professor Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Etman Vice President of Community Service and .Environment Development Affairs and executive board chairman
Assistant Professor. Ghada Bassiouni Acting Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel .Management, Faculty’s Representative in the CSED
Assistant Professor. Noha Saeed Faculty of Engineering’s Representative in the CSED
Assistant Professor. Amany SalamaFaculty of Applied Health Science Technologies’ .Representative in the CSED
Assistant Professor. Rajaa Al-Ghamrawi Faculty of Media and Communication Arts’ .Representative in the CSED
Assistant Professor. Enass Massoud Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s .Representative in the CSED
Dr. Noha Badr Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences’ Representative in the CSED
Dr. Salma YoussefFaculty of Arts and Design’s Representative in the CSED
Dr. Mohammad Al Qadi Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations, .Faculty’s Representative in the CSED
Dr. Rania Hassan Faculty of Physical Therapy’s Representative in the CSED
Dr. Sheriff Darwesh Faculty of Dentistry’s Representative in the CSED
Dr. Nihal Hafiz Faculty of Languages and Translation’s Representative in the CSED
Dr. Soha Ahmed Faculty of Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence’s Representative in .the CSED
Mr. Andrew WagdiDirector, English Language Center
Mr. Ahmed Alaa Ragab PUA’s Secretary-General
Dr. Noha Badr CSED’s Executive Director

External Community Council Members

CSED’s Activities in PUA

  • Health awareness campaigns to serve the community.
  • Charity caravans and charity markets.
  • Blood donation campaigns.
  • The annual celebration of Orphan Day.
  • Other activities (concerts – job fairs – protocols).
  • Scientific visits and social activities.
  • Academic conferences and seminars.
  • Research, training courses and workshops.
  • Applied, productive, environmental service and environmental pollution Projects.
  • Developing PUA’s surrounding area project, “Ezbet El-Game’a”.

Executive Board :

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed EtmanVice President of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs (Chairman)
Mr. Ahmed Alaa Ragab PUA’s Secretary-General (Member)
Dr. Noha Badr CSED’s Executive Director (Member)

Duties of the Executive Board:

  1. Implement the plans and policies set by PUA’s CSED.
  2. Establish the duties and responsibilities protocol for all CSED’s personnel, and determines their job descriptions..
  3. Review the periodical financial and progress reports of CSED’s personnel.
  4. Establish the annual financial plan and the final expenditure to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees and the PUA’s Council for approval..
  5. Set the regulations for CSED’s contracts with other individuals or institutions.
  6. Review all what the Executive Board Chairman deems within his duties and proposes.

Duties of the Executive Board Chairman:

The Chairman provides general supervision over the Center to ensure that its objectives are met in the light of instructions provided by the PUA’s Council and Board of Trustees:

  1. Calls for and chairs the community council meetings.
  2. Follows the regulations set by PUA’s CSED and ensures their objectives are met.
  3. Contacts various internal and external bodies for all issues relevant to CSED.
  4. Endorses contracts related to CSED collaborations after the approval of the Executive Board.
  5. Suggest nomination of local experts and part time employees based on the suggestions of the CSED’s Director to be later reviewed by the Executive Board.

Duties of CSED’s Director:

CSED’s Director is selected by PUA’s President for a period of two years that is renewable and his duties are as follows:

  1. Supervise CSED’s technical, administrative and financial a ctivities.
  2. Supervise the financial plans and final reports that include CSED’s financial standing before submission to specialized committees..
  3. Prepare regular reports about CSED’s activities.
  4. Provide suggestions necessary to enhance CSED’s in its specialized areas.
  5. Follow up on the implementation of the Executive Committee instructions to ensure efficient performance.
  6. Suggest the participation in internal and external academic conferences after obtaining the necessary approvals.

Executive Board Meetings

The Executive Board shall meet at least once every two months, or whenever necessary, based on an invitation its chairman. The meeting shall not be valid unless attended by majority of members. Recommendations and decisions shall be passed by a majority vote of those attending. In case of tied votes, the executive Board’s Chairman’s side shall have the casting vote. The meeting minutes shall be recorded in a separate register and signed by Board chairman and the Executive Director. PUA’s President is formally notified about the community council  decisions.

Contact Information:

Office Tel. No. 03 / 3877390

Email: vpse@pua.edu.eg