PUA Let’s Discover Egypt- Spring 2017

The English Language Centre at Pharos University (PUA) in collaboration with East Carolina University (ECU) worked this semester- spring 2017- on a project named “Let’s discover Egypt”, which aimed at developing professional skills, language and communication skills and culture exchange between 16 PUA students from the Faculty Arts and Design and ECU students. The project was completed in three linking session starting on Tuesday 14/3/2017 and ended on Thursday 18/4/2017.

  • First session: Exploring Cairo, Elfayoum and the Egyptian oases
  • Second session: Exploring Alexandria, North Coast and Marsamatrouh
  • Third session: Exploring Luxor, Aswan, Nuba

Thanks to Maram Mostafa- ELC staff member, Eng. Ragia El Sabrouty- Member in the Faculty of Arts and Design, and Eng. Ahmed Helmy- PUA IT team- for helping in making these links happen.


PUA Let's Discover Egypt- Spring 2017