The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences at Pharos University allows distinct high caliber graduates in the fields of business according to the international quality standards. It also enables them a continuous development of knowledge, expertise and skills, with the aim of serving the community through cooperation and integration between educational and research efforts.


The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences at Pharos University is looking forward to becoming a prominent faculty of learning and teaching in the fields of business in the region and the world in order to prepare the students for inspiring leadership and modern management and respond effectively to the developments in our interconnected world.

Dual Degree Program

      • ​The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences at Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) and Faculty of Business Administration at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in Ireland have established a Dual-Degree Program in Business and Management, validated by DIT and delivered at PUA in collaboration with DIT.

The Dual-Degree Program includes the following majors:

• Marketing
• Finance and Investment
• Accounting


About DIT

• An ancient university established in 1887
• A member of the European Universities Association
• Degrees: Bachelor, MA and PhD.

Why study at the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences?

• It offers two degrees. One from PUA, accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Private Universities, and the other is an international accredited degree from DIT.
• It provides a dual international degree which allows its graduates to compete in international labor market.
• It allows PUA students to spend a semester or more in Ireland during their BA study.
• It offers the students the chance to pursue their Master and PhD studies at DIT in Ireland without a need for an equivalent certificate.

Admission Requirements

• Successful performance in a formal interview with a panel from DIT.
• Paying the associated DIT Royalty fees.


Career Opportunities

• Oil companies
• Banks
• Financial Institutions (stock market)
• Industrial Companies
• All types of Service Institutions
• Computer Software Companies
• Hotels and Tourism Offices
• Retail Companies
• Commercial and Logistics Companies
• Consultancy offices
•  Private and small projects

Postgraduate studies

• Postgraduate Diploma in Retail Management
• Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Those postgraduate programs are distinguished by the following attributes:

• Students will receive a vocational certificate from the internationally accredited Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Ireland.
• The programs will be delivered by international academic guest lecturers, with the support of highly- qualified marketing and business studies staff members at PUA.
• Students will be acquired with a highly specialized knowledge that combined both theories and applications.