Prof. Hamam Mohamed zahran

Dean’s Welcoming Speech:

PUA’s Faculty of Legal Studies and International relation has successfully occupied a prominent position among the faculties of law. This was done thanks to a distinguished group of faculty members, teaching assistants, and researchers, who are keen to provide academic and research support to students, while providing them with distinguished academic advising.

Furthermore, the Faculty gives due attention to field training, participation in academic seminars, and tackling legal and societal problems in the actual practice of interactive education methods within the framework of the quality standards established by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE). In return, this would enable the Faculty graduate to compete effectively with their counterparts from public and private universities.

The Minister of Higher Education issued a ministerial decree number(192) dated (15-12-2009) certifying the equivalence of the hereby granted degree with the Bachelor of Arts degree granted by Egyptian universities governed by the Universities Organizational Law number 49 for the year 1972 for the faculties of Legal Studies and International Relation in the corresponding specialization.


The faculty of Legal studies and International Relations includes the following departments, each offering different subjects:

1- Islamic Law (Shari’ah) Department
2- Civil Law Department
3- Procedural Law Department
4- Commercial & Maritime Law Department
5- Criminal Law Department
6- Public Law Department
7- Public International Law Department
8- Private International Department
9- Philosophy And History Of Law Department
10- Political Economy And Public Finance Department

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  • Why Studyat The Faculty Of Legal Studies and International Relations?

    • The Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations is the first in the area of ​​specialization among private universities in Egypt that awards a bachelor’s degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree of public universities.
    • The Faculty applies the credit hours system which is recognized at international universities under the umbrella of quality standards and international accreditation.
    • Courses mainly cover Egyptian laws and shed light on comparative law and judicial precedents.
    • Theoretical study of the Faculty is supported by professional training.
    • The Faculty offers periodical field visits to the notary public offices, tax offices, courts complex, Forensic Medicine Department, Department of Counterfeiting and Forgery, General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) …. etc.
    • A protocol on cooperation with the State Lawsuits Authority, the Bar Association, Francophone University Agency, and the University of Lille.
    • Courtroom equipped for hearing simulations and training students (Moot Court).
    • Distinct summer training for students at lawyers’ offices and judicial institutions.

Career Opportunities

  • Judicial jobs (Public Prosecution and State Council)
  • Administrative Prosecution
  • State of Litigation Authority
  • Banks
  • Investment Companies
  • Legal and Administrative departments of multinational companies
  • Notary public and tax offices
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Military Justice Authority
  • PUA’s Alumni in State Council


§  Mr. Hesham Mohammad Fathy Sala Class of 2018 / 2019
§  Mr. Hamdy Saeed Ali Nagi Class of 2018 / 2019



  • PUA’s Alumni in State Lawsuit Authority



§  Ms. Manal Abdul Moteelb Lotfi Afifi Class of 2010
§  Mr. Mohammad Fareed Al Adly Class of 2011
§  Ms. Salma Mohammad Al Sayed Abdul Nabi Class of 2011 / 2012



  • PUA’s Newly Appointed Teaching Assistants


§  Motaazbellah Habash Class of September 2018
§  Ahmed Samy Nasr Raslan Class of September 2019
§  Abdul Wahid Ali Etman Class of July 2020
§  Mohammed Mustafa Ali Hassan Amir Class of July 2020
§  Adham Hassan Hassan Mohammed Qotb Class of February 2020
§  Hussein Tariq Mohammed Abdul Hameed Class of July 2020
§  Mohammad Atef Abdul Latif Class of September 2020
§  Marwan Mustafa Mohammad Yousry Class of September 2019
§  Mohammad Khalid Mohammad Ahmed Class of July 2020
§  Mohanad Hossam Al Din Diab Class of 2020


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