About Alexandria

Alexandria is a city in north-central Egypt that stretches 32 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea coast. On the city’s southern side is Lake Mariut. It is Egypt’s largest seaport and second-largest city.

The lighthouse there, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was the reason for its fame. Alexander the Great, who lived in antiquity, established Alexandria. 331 BC. The ancient Library of Alexandria, the Lighthouse, which was regarded as one of the Seven Wonders, the Pomey Pillar, the Roman Amphitheatre, and many more landmarks have made Alexandria famous throughout history.




The weather in Alexandria is often pleasant all year. Rainy winters and relatively hot, sunny summers are typical of its Mediterranean climate. The forum is anticipated to take place in December, when the temperature will be around 20°.
This is the ideal season to visit Alexandria.



  • The Egyptian Currency is the pound. (EGP)
  • For the average exchange rate, Click here.


Traditional Food

Alexandria is known for its Mediterranean seafood cuisine and has some of the top seafood restaurants in the nation because of its location on the Mediterranean Sea coast. Soups, stews, and pasta dishes frequently contain various types of shellfish. Swordfish, grouper, eel, sole, cuttlefish, shrimp, crab, squid, and octopus are some of the other fish that are offered.
Both beans—fuul and flafel—are offered; flafel is made from fuul beans that have been soaked, blended with spices, and then molded into patties and deep-fried. Fuul is cooked with vegetables and occasionally mashed with onions, tomatoes, and spices.

Another traditional Egyptian dish is kushari. It is a concoction of rice, pasta, and lentils that is topped with a spicy tomato sauce, crispy fried onions, and a squeeze of lemon juice before being garnished with hot chili oil to taste. Delicious appetizers like loqmat al-Qadi and corn on the cob (dorra mashwey) are also sold by street sellers who line the coast in Corniche. Small, round doughnuts with a crunchy outside and a mushy, syrupy inside. They could be served with sugar and cinnamon dust.