SDGs Reporting 2022-2023


At the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, member states adopted a new global development agenda, “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

There are 17 development goals for sustainable development set out by the UN.

These goals were launched as a global agenda for addressing the multiplicity of social and environmental challenges that face communities.All Sustainable development goals (SDGs) are increasingly integrated at all levels in universities, including its overall strategy.

Egypt has responded to the 17 SDGs by setting national plan: Egypt 2030 ( The third Pillar of this plan is on: Knowledge, Innovation and Scientific Research. which includes the following group of elements and components:

  • General environment: Represents the role of the State in the creation of an environment that encourages innovation, including motivators and constraints, the economic system, policies, legislation, and principles of governance.
  • Infrastructure: Play a fundamental role in supporting the cognitive and creative production by setting standards and laying regulatory foundations of innovation and scientific research, supporting business and innovation, protecting copyright, ensuring availability of information, financing and encouraging investment.
  • Education and scientific research: Include all research organizations and institutions, technical education and vocational training institutions, higher education and scientific research institutions, and research centers.
  • Industry: Represents all industrial sectors including large, medium, and small-scale companies’ activities relevant to research and development.
  • Intermediaries: Includes the institutions that link industrial innovation, and research and development on the one hand, with academic and research institutions on the other hand.
  • Development needs: Represents the required demand for innovation, knowledge, and scientific research to fulfill economic and social needs.


I. Involvement of Pharos University strategic Plan with UN-SDGs, Egypt-2030 and the national strategy of the State Ministry of Higher Education and Research

II. Contribution of Pharos University to Achieving SDGs of Relevancy