Computer Center
International Computer Driving License (ICDL)


The ICDL track shows users how to meet the International Computer Driving License  objectives, using Windows operating systems. Such a track would enhance the user’s computer skills and knowledge. In turn, they would be qualified for employment in any organization with their accredited certificates.


In this Track you will study the following 7 modules:-



Knowing basic computer concepts and operations
M2Microsoft Windows

Operating system overview using Microsoft Windows 7

M3Microsoft word 2010

Creating professional documents

M4Microsoft Excel 2010

Dealing with spreadsheets for calculations and drawing charts

M5Microsoft Access 2010

Data base application concepts

M6Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Presenting subjects in a professional way


Navigate the internet

Use Microsoft Outlook

Track Mission

The ICDL mission is to enable proficient use of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) that empowers individuals, organizations and society, through the development, promotion and delivery of quality certification programs throughout the world.

Course objectives

The ability to use a computer effectively is an essential life skill. Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. Certified computer skills can help the holder’s professional life by making them more attractive to employers, while increasing their ability to communicate and access information and services in their personal life. By the end of the course, learners should be able to:

  • Raise the level of IT knowledge and competency
  • Improve productivity at work
  • Reduces IT support cost
  • Enable employers to invest more efficiently in IT
  • Improve individual’s job prospects and job mobility


  • 60 hours of instructing for the 7 modules.
  • 7 Hours for 7 exams.


  • 550 L.E for the 7 modules of training.
  • 550 L.E (200 L.E for Skill card +350 L.E for 7 Exams and ECDL Certification).
  • Special offers.   (See Announcements)