Faculty Of Dentistry Dean Welcome :

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Dentistry – Pharos University in Alexandria. We are proud to be a united family of dedicated staff members and employees. Cutting-edge methods of teaching are provided in the field of dentistry with the aim of graduating students able to compete in the Egyptian and international labor markets. The faculty provides the best therapeutic level for patients visiting our clinics, taking into account the quality assurance standards and the dynamic curriculum standards. For the first time in Egypt, the bachelor students rehabilitate a medical case that includes all disciplines, in addition to a graduation project, providing the student with scientific and practical experience.

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Prof. Dr. / Yehia Ashour, B.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, PUA
Professor of Restorative Dentistry


The Faculty of Dentistry – University of Pharos comprises eight scientific departments divided into:

Academic Departments:

  • Department of Oral Biology
  • Department of Oral Pathology

Clinical Departments:

  • Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology
  • Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Department of Prosthetic Dentistry (Fixed and Removable)
  • Department of Orthodontics
  • Department of Restorative Dentistry and Dental Biomaterials
  • Department of Pediatric and Community Dentistry

Why Study Dentistry at PUA?

  • The Faculty of Dentistry – Pharos University comprises several halls, classrooms and clinics:
    • Dental clinics for undergraduate students with a capacity of 35-38 students including:
    • A Pediatric clinic
    • An Oral surgery and Periodontology clinic
    • A clinic for Conservative and Endodontic treatment
    • A Removable Prosthodontic clinic
    • A Fixed Prosthodontic clinic
    • A clinic for internship students


  • An outpatient clinic which has 10 dental units
  • A VIP clinic with 2 units for dental implant surgeries
  • 2 X- ray rooms with standard, panoramic and CBCT radiations
  • 6 specialized laboratories for pre-clinical training (phantom head labs)
  • 10 multi- purpose laboratories for academic studies
  • There are also special clinics for postgraduate students containing:
    • An endodontic microscope
    • A CAD CAM dental machine for the chairside fabrication of fixed Prosthodontics (Zirconia & E-Max)
    • GA operatory room for Pediatric Dentistry including:
      • Major operatory room
      • An intensive Care Unit (ICU)
      • A recovery room
      • A central sterilization room
      • 2 rooms for one-day accommodation
    • A Central Dental Laboratory for dentures, crowns and bridges fabrication.
    • A Dental Warehouse for educational materials to enrich the educational experiences.
    • Multi- purpose classrooms a main lecture hall
    • A one-year internship training to be able to obtain the practice license.
    • Senior students offer free integrated treatment in the form of comprehensive care case (CCC) as a community service to help them develop their skills in the diagnosis and treatment, as well as the various research projects which they conduct as a graduation requirement.

Career Opportunities:

  • Ministry of Health organizations and institutions whether locally, regionally or internationally
  • Oral and dental surgery treatment centers and private clinics
  • Forensic medicine
  • Working as a general dental practitioner

The faculty of Dentistry implements a Comprehensive Care Case (CCC) Program. That is open for students and public. The CCC program started since 2014 under the supervision of the dean of the faculty and is considered the graduation project of the senior students; where each 2 students work together on a single patient treating him/her from the beginning till the end under the supervision of the professors of the different faculty departments. Through this program, senior students acquire the knowledge, skills, and a widen horizon to make a comprehensive treatment plan for any patient with vision, confidence, and skill. Also this program is contributing in community service for all the disadvantaged patients mainly those who are unable to pay. The actual cost of treatment of each individual case is ranging from a Minimum of 30,000 L.E to a Maximum of 100,000 L.E. but through this Program; these patients are receiving an excellent treatment totally Free of charge. Since the start of this program we managed to treat nearly 500 cases giving them a Complete dental care for Free. Read More

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