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University is a place where cultures are merged, experiences are exchanged, skills are sharpened, and abilities are grown. Since researchers are among the significant groups in the university, PUA’s postgraduate Studies and Research Sector at the university is keen to providing optimum scientific, research and educational services that contribute to helping them advance their scientific research. At the same time, it is a catalyst to innovate, perfect, and excel. Consequently, be able to contribute in solving society’s problems on one hand, promoting scientific research on the other hand, and upgrading PUA’s global ranking on the third hand.


Further, scientific research has a role in the development and progress of peoples in all economic, social and health fields. Therefore, PUA focuses on occupying a prominent position in scientific research at the level of Egyptian and international universities. PUA contributes in publishing many scientific research that can help in solving the problems of society. This comes in parallel with its interest in publishing many scientific researches in various fields through prestigious international journals. This effort enables PUA to reach advanced ranking in international university rankings. Hence, the mission of the postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs Sector was created.


Therefore, PUA gives due care to scientific research and its quality by preparing individuals capable of research and innovation. Accordingly, it establishes research centers, research groups, and research alliances to conduct applied research. All this aims at generating individuals capable of creating community-targeted researches. Furthermore, PUA’s scientific research plan always derives from the national plan for scientific research. It is also based on the requirements of the surrounding areas of the university.


Thus, PUA is always keen on developing the capabilities of faculty members, teaching assistants, postgraduate students, and researchers, and motivating them for creativity. PUA also promotes scientific research by holding conferences, scientific seminars, public lectures, and workshops, establishing partnerships with various international and local bodies, and making memoranda of understanding with different universities and various societal sectors.


This aims at linking PUA with society and industry, promote scientific research and utilize it in solving community problems. The role of the postgraduate studies and scientific research sector is to implement and follow up the strategic plan for scientific research developed by PUA, in light of the strategic objectives of the national plan. Therefore, the Universities Law, has set the tasks and competencies of the postgraduate studies and research sector, vice president for postgraduate studies and research, council of postgraduate studies and research, the vice-dean for postgraduate studies and research, and its committees. These competences start with admitting postgraduate students through all the different stages until obtaining academic degrees. In addition to handling everything related to the faculty members and the teaching assistants, such as conducting scientific research, in the field of scientific research, missions, academic missions, participating in attending internal and external conferences, academic publishing, and receiving global, regional, and international and university awards.

In conclusion, I hope that this manual will achieve the desired goal of its publication. I ask God Almighty to guide us all to what is in the best interest of the university and the researchers.

May Allah guide us to the righteous path.


Prof. Dr. Mokhtar Ibrahim Yusuf

Vice-President for Postgraduate Affairs and Research, PUA