Prof. Mohamed Gaber Abou Ali

Since its establishment in 2006, Pharos University in Alexandria has placed a strong emphasis on scientific research. The university encourages and supports researchers from its senior and junior staff to publish their work in internationally recognized journals, as well establishing graduate programs within its faculties. Pharos University strives to secure a distinguished position among universities in Egypt, the Arab world, Africa, and worldwide.

It is therefore my pleasure to provide an outline of the key activities of the Graduate Studies and Research Sector since the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year:

  1. Focus on International Publication:

It aims to strengthen the infrastructure for the principles and strategies of distinguished international publishing and to draw up a road map to increase the volume of international publishing at Pharos University among our fellow researchers. This will catapult the University’s international classification of the university and its researchers to higher levels, supported by providing a training program to raise international publishing skills and promote new, innovative and applied scientific research that serves society in accordance with the goals of sustainable development. In addition, this contributes to the formation of multidisciplinary research groups, which enhances researchers’ opportunities for international publication in journals listed in global databases.

    1. Focus on Graduate Programs:

Postgraduate studies programs are considered the bedrock for supporting Pharos University’s leadership, as there are 17 postgraduate study programs available at 6 faculties, namely the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Languages and Translation, the Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences, and the Faculty of Arts and Design. Diplomas, professional master’s, and specialized master’s degrees are awarded through it. These programs are distinguished by providing their students with applied scientific and practical experiences that qualify them to compete in the labor market.

    1. Focus on Research Projects:

A Research Projects Unit has been established to implement applied research projects, whether funded from within or outside the University, to assist and qualify researchers to complete them successfully. The activities of this focus also aim to establish scientific centers of excellence and central laboratories that help solve research and societal problems and increase production for various sectors, whether industrial or productive, in accordance with the University’s strategic plan and the Egypt 2030 plan.

  1. Focus on Fostering Innovation:

The Innovators and Talents Support Center was established to nurture innovators and the gifted, which strives to discover innovators, sharpen their creative skills, nurture their innovative ideas among all faculty members, junior staff, and graduate and undergraduate students, and encourage them to participate in competitions at the local, regional, and international levels.

  1. Focus on Research Awareness:

Many international conferences and scientific seminars are held as a culmination of all these activities, as well as the creation of internationally classified magazines and periodicals. This is in addition to providing services and benefits to university researchers that contribute directly to fostering the climate of scientific research at the university.

Last but not least, I am much pleased to invite everyone to visit and follow the university’s website to learn more about the sector’s activities and events.

Thank you