A Professional Training Program in the Field of Lighting
“Lighting Design in Projects”

The First –of- its- Kind Program in Egypt and Arab World


The Professional training program in lighting graduates distinguished people in the field of lighting, equipped with scientific and professional information that enables them to conduct studies and designs for lighting projects depending on the specifications of international standards applied in the most advanced European and American countries following the sustainable developments and the sustainable development goals


Those who are qualified to join the training program:

  1. The graduates of the faculty of Engineering for the Architectural Engineering and the Electrical Engineering Departments.
  2. The graduates of the faculty of Fine Arts for the Interior Design and the Expressive Arts Programs.
  3. The graduates of the faculty of Mass Communication.
  4. The graduates of the faculty of Agriculture for the Landscaping Department.
  5. Equivalent higher institutes and their final year’s students.


The program qualifies the students to obtain the necessary information in the following areas:

  1. The nature of light and its physical properties, light quantities and methods of its measurement.
  2. Human correlation with light and colors, and the interaction of the eye to this.
  3. Basic concepts and rules in the interior and exterior lighting.
  4. Electrical lamps and lighting units.
  5. Foundations and principles of decoration and interior design in residential and commercial buildings, hotels and other buildings.


The Professional training program grants students the ability to do the following:

  1. Interior lighting designs of different places (offices, educational buildings, hotels, public places, halls and theaters, hospitals and places of health care, shopping centres, residential buildings and factories – according to the Egyptian Code for Lighting Design and Implementation.
  2. Exterior Lighting designs (streets, roads and squares, building facades, stadiums, bridges and tunnels, and landscaping)- according to the Egyptian Code for Roads and Tunnels Lighting Design and Implementation.


The Program features:

  1. The student will be granted a degree certificate accredited by Pharos University.
  2. The program follows both theoretical and applied approaches.
  3. A group of lighting- specialized professors are teaching the program.

Study System:

The lighting training program is scheduled afternoon at two days a week, for a period of 5 weeks.


The Lighting Training Course Study Hours Course Description
Module 1
( Obligatory)
30 hours Light Fundamentals

Basics of Interior Lighting Design

Light fundamentals, lighting systems and methods of measuring it.
Module 2
( Elective)
20 hours Light Fundamentals


Basics of Interior Lighting Design

The lighting of hotels, offices, hospitals, residential buildings, and shopping centres.


Taking Module 1 is a must for studying Module 2.  

Module 3
20 hours Exterior Lighting

Industrial Lighting

The positions of lights in roads, squares, building facades, stadiums, bridges, tunnels and the lighting of factories.

 Taking Module 1 is a must for studying Module 3.  


Required documents:

  1. A copy of the qualifications or academic position (after reviewing the original).
  2. A copy of ID (after reviewing the original).
  3. Four recent photos of the student.



The first program will start on March 2017.


For further information:

The Lighting Professional Training Program is regularly opened. Visit the official website of Pharos University to check further announcements.