The Faculty organized the 1st International Conference ICET under the title of Entrepreneurship in the Tourism, Hospitality and Heritage Industry in Egypt, “A Future Vision for Sustainable Development”, with the unique international attendance and participation of 33 countries, in which the Faculty adopted the theme of the World Tourism Organization this year, “Sustainable tourism as a tool for development”. The themes of the conference and the research papers discussed in the conference dealt with the principles and challenges facing sustainable development through the following areas:

  • Sustainability of tourism education and training
  • Entrepreneurship and cultural heritage for sustainable tourism development
  • Heritage education for sustainable tourism in Alexandria
  • Tourism of cities as a modern trend to achieve sustainable tourism

Examples of these researches:

  • The Influence of Hotel Green Activities on Ethical Consumer’s Behavior
  • Towards Heritage Education for Sustainable Tourism in Alexandria.
  • Green Education for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Faculties of Tourism and Hotel Management in Egypt.
  • City tourism as a recent trend for achieving sustainability and Create a competitive advantage of Alexandria city
  • Sustainable management of cultural tourism and heritage areas by applying to Nubia in Egypt.
  • Tourism Investment Strategy across Egypt through Sustainable Development.