First, Student Clinics:

The Faculty of Dentistry in Pharos University provides its students with exceptional scientific and practical educational standards and open up an excellent opportunity for the final-year students to take part in a distinctive graduation project known as the Comprehensive Care Case (CCC). The student provides comprehensive care for cases that almost have most of the dental specialties. The treatment plan of each case is firstly discussed between the student and one of the faculty members to be skillfully and meticulously achieved under the supervision of the academic staff members in order to help the student to acquire high level of technical skills that qualifies him/ her to compete strongly in the labor market. More than 1000 CCC patients visit the PUA Dental Clinics per month.


Second, Outpatient Dental Clinics:

The outpatient clinics give superb treatment services to the public at reasonable prices. These treatment services are provided by faculty members and highly specialized professors, under the direct supervision of the faculty Dean. These services include: cosmetic fillings, removable and fixed partial dentures, dental implant and dental braces. The outpatient dental clinics have serviced more than 1000 patients including 179 dental implant cases in 2018 and the number of cases are on the rise due to the superb medical services and infection control instructions strictly applied in the clinics.

Third, Social Activities and Medical Convoys:

The Faculty of Dentistry in Pharos University organizes field trips and medical convoys to shelters, hospitals and schools to provide them with free treatment services as well as oral and dental health awareness sessions. These sessions are given in the framework of the faculty’s sense of responsibility towards the civil society. It is worth mentioning that they are given under the supervision of faculty members and the faculty Dean.
The Director of clinics: Dr. Ahmed Atef Nasar