PUA’s Faculty of Dentistry is committed to graduating dentists with high scientific, professional and research competence. These graduates are well prepared to provide high-quality medical care within an ethical framework in the various dental fields. In addition, it provides a collaborative educational environment with fair opportunities for all its members. Furthermore, it employs technological development and digital transformation, and enhances community and academic partnerships at the locally and internationally.

PUA’s Faculty of Dentistry seeks to achieving excellence in education and scientific research, community service. It also seeks to realize the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the field of dentistry locally and internationally.

Aim 1: Raise the efficiency of the institutional capacity in order to improve the competitive position of the faculty.

  • First aim strategic objectives:
  • Enhance the faculty’s human resources.
  • Continuously develop/ renovate the faculty’s infrastructure.
  • Develop the faculty’s own resources.


Aim 2: Prepare the Faculty of Dentistry, Pharos University for being a pioneer scientific institution in the field of dentistry.

  • Second aim strategic objectives:
  • Support and strengthen the educational system.
  • Develop and raise the under- and postgraduate faculty students’ skills and qualifications on a professional and moral level.
  • Develop the student support system.
  • Continuously develop sustainable human resources capabilities.


Aim 3: Develop the system of scientific research and postgraduate studies

  • Third aim strategic objectives:
  • Develop research plans.
  • Develop policies to support and encourage the scientific research.
  • Develop the research laboratories and faculty’s facilities that support the scientific research in different dental fields and specialties.
  • Develop the postgraduate studies.


Aim 4: Enhance and reinforce the faculty’s active role in both the community service and environmental development.

  • Fourth aim strategic objectives:
  • Raise the level of services provided by the faculty to the surrounding community and strengthen the communication and partnership with other community institutions.
  • Maintain a continuous contact and communication with the faculty’s graduates/ alumni and provide them with continuous education opportunities.
  • Provide more diagnostic and therapeutic services in the various fields of dentistry.