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The Faculty of Mass Communication at the University of Pharos aspires to become one of the leading faculties in Egypt and the Arab world by providing a pioneering and unique model in media studies (education, training, and research). Students are encouraged to use the latest technological means and keep up with the current developments in media industry, in order to meet the needs of the local and international labor market.

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Prof. Fawzy Abd Elghani


Specialization begins in the second year. The faculty offers a bachelor degree in the following departments and divisions:


  •  Department of Journalism and Digital Publishing
    • ​ Journalism Division.
    •  Digital Publishing Division.
  • Department of Public Relations and Marketing Communications
    • ​ Public Relations Division.
    •  Marketing Communications Division.
  •  Department of Radio and Television Production
    • ​Radio Division.
    • Television Production Division.
  • Teaching languages
    •  Arabic Information department. 

Why study Mass Communication at Pharos University?

The university provides the latest educational technology such as: active and interactive learning, electronic learning, cooperative learning, and practical training.
Endorses professional research and training partnerships with third parties.Ensures training under the supervision of senior journalists.
Ensures training under the supervision of senior journalists.
Comprises a number of radio and television studios, professionally designed to be commensurate with the technical requirements of television and radio production

Career Opportunities

  • Radio and television
  •  Advertising agencies
  •  Printed and electronic press
  •  Marketing
  •  Public relations management

Studios include

Radio Studio
Radio Studio Control Room
TV Studio
Television Studio Control Room

Radio and Television students practice their training in radio and television studios equipped with high-tech cameras, editing units and other advanced equipment.
Journalism students train in the production of publications under the supervision of a team of senior journalists inside the faculty’s editorial main room, in addition to practical training of website production.
Public Relations and Marketing Communications students are trained to produce various media productions to serve the institutions within the Media and Marketing Production Center at the faculty of Mass communication in addition to training at Public Relations departments at different organizations and advertising agencies.
A protocol on field training was signed between the faculty of Mass Communication at Pharos University and Al-Ahram Institution, Al-Masry Elyoum, Radio and Television Institution at Maspero, several advertising agencies, and public relations departments.

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