Sustainability Report 2020-2021

About the project:

The main goal of the project is to mainstream sustainable development ideas and sustainability science into education and research in Pharos university, with tuning of academic functions, including “the changing of paradigm from industry-market driven research and learning process to the one that is backboned by sustainability. The specific objectives are:

  • Developing new approaches and methodologies of teaching and education at all levels must be developed in the field of sustainability science.
  • Exploring research and education practices at Pharos university and infuse the Sustainability science component
  • Moving sustainability knowledge into actions across full range of scaled of disciplines, and create learning opportunities for students, and practitioners in the field of sustainability to meet the need required to comprehensively address sustainable development as a new way of running
    the university.


Part 1. Introduction and key Concepts
Part 2. Project Results - Infusing Sustainability in Curricula
Part 2.1. Name of the course addressing each particular SDG
Part 3. Conclusions and General Recommendations
Part 4. References