1. What is PUA?

Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) is the 1st private university in Alexandria. It is established in Alexandria, the second major city in Egypt.
Alexandria had only one university: The University of Alexandria.

Due to remarkable technological progress in all facets of life, the expansion of scientific research fields, overpopulation and the significant increase of the numbers of university students, there was a great need for establishing a new university to meet these requirements, accommodate larger numbers of students, serve scientific research fields in Egypt and the Arab World and compete with other world-class universities.

On July 15th, 2006, presidential decree No. 252 for founding PUA was issued.Moreover,PUA was licensed from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Private Universities to operate in the academic year of 2006/2007.

The founder and head of Board of Trustees of PUA is Mr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Ragab, who has an excellent reputation and vast experience in the field of education, founding Alexandria Institute of Engineering and Riada Language School in Alexandria.


Board of Trustees:
To ensure the best governance and the seriousness of the founders, a Board of Trustees headed by Mr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Ragab and comprised of distinguished figures has been selected. The acceptance of the Board to lead Pharos University signifies its confidence in the founders.

2. Why Choose PUA?

One of the largest campuses in Egypt offering a distinguished set of facilities whether academic or recreational.
An electronic campus providing student access to state-of-the-art labs, classes, halls, libraries and study area all equipped with up-to-date hi-tech audio-visual aids.

Student-friendly academia, with extra-curricular activities, ranging from sports to culture and art, nurturing a real chance for self-improvement and independence.

Quality control ensured through adherence to measures set by Quality Assurance and Accreditation Programs for the educational and assessment process.
High caliber faculty with distinguished academic career achievements and promising teaching assistants.
Best student teacher ratio ensuring sufficient individual attention to each student.
True academic advising and staff availability during office hours.
Opportunity to pursue graduate studies in an environment fostering creative and thorough research.
International collaboration updating PUA’s academic standard to global levels.

3. Where is PUA located ?

PUA is located in Smouha, suburb, Canal El Mahmoudia Street, stretched over 50 feddans, 3 km from the main campus of Alexandria University, 3 km from Bibliotheca Alexandrina and 4 km from Alexandria down town.

4. What are the tuition fees of PUA?

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5. Does PUA offer scholarships?

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7. What are the degrees awarded at PUA?

PUA awards the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Arts
Master of Science (in a later stage)
Doctor of Philosophy (in a later stage)

8. Who are PUA academic staff ?

PUA academic staff are international and Egyptian academics, who have proved their capabilities to teach in English and who have successfully passed the interview held by PUA Recruiting Committee Members, who evaluated all their academic credentials, papers and theses submitted in this respect.

9. Who is in charge of hiring the academic staff?

PUA Recruiting Committee, comprising professors from the different faculties, chaired by the President of the University, is the only authority that takes decisions on hiring academic staff, following a very rigid selection process supported by the University Council and the Board of Trustees. This committee has to be satisfied applying staff members fulfill the following standards:

National and international reputation to contribute to the development of PUA as a centre of excellence in teaching and research.
English proficiency and teaching experience is equal to native speakers.

10. What language is used to teach courses at PUA?

English is language is used to teach courses at PUA in order to:

Qualify students for internships as well as students exchange programs in any foreign country.
Facilitate their training in International Companies.
Continue study or research abroad.

11. Why early admission?

Early admission will give applicants and transfer students the chance to secure their place at PUA. It is also an option for students who would benefit from additional time to improve their entrance exams scores by re-sitting for the English and Reasoning tests with the regular admission.

12. What certificates are accepted for admission?

For undergraduates:
PUA accepts all secondary school certificates awarded in Egypt (Thanaweya Al Amma), equivalent secondary school certificates accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and other concerned authorities.

13. Will PUA accept transfer students?

A limited number of transfer students from other universities will be allowed to transfer to PUA according to regulations set forth by the University Council. PUA Rules and Regulations