Construction Engineering and Management Department

Overview, Aim and Objectives

The Department of Construction Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Engineering, Pharos University in Alexandria offers the Construction Engineering and Management program. The Construction Engineering and Management program is the program responsible for providing the labor market with civil engineers with competence and knowledge of the engineering and applied sciences necessary and appropriate for managing and developing civil engineering projects and their infrastructure. During his/ her studies in the Construction Engineering and Management program, the student is exposed to all stages of the project life cycle, from initial feasibility analysis, cost calculation, and concept development from the start of the project, passing through the design phase, followed by the construction and quality control phase, then the maintenance and restoration phase when necessary if required.

Because of the rapid pace of development that Egypt has witnessed recently, covering all fields, which required the development of new programs to manage and model mega projects and follow up their life cycle, the Department of Construction Engineering and Management has paid great attention to expanding the Civil Engineering projects that the program’s students deal with, so that it includes most of the different specializations by expanding graduation projects to include the management of projects made of reinforced concrete or steel, in addition to transportation and highway projects, and irrigation facility projects, wastewater treatment projects, ports, marine facilities, and coastal protection, using the latest facility modeling programs, preparing schedules, and calculating costs. Besides, dealing with the management of recycling materials for reuse in concrete mixtures or soil layers to improve their properties is considered. On top of that, great attention is paid to ensuring that the adopted projects serve Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Moreover, attention is paid to the practical application aspect of the students of the Department of Construction Engineering and Management at Pharos University by arranging field visits to mega projects to develop the executive and practical skill aspect of the student before graduation, in addition to providing a broad list of companies for summer training for the program students.

Aims of the Construction Engineering and Management Program

The main objectives of the Construction Engineering and Management program at Pharos University in Alexandria are to:

  • Acquire students with a strong knowledge of mathematics and engineering sciences for use in the field of construction and management.
  • Provide the society with engineering graduates who can use modern tools to practice the engineering profession and assume full responsibility for learning and self-development, lifelong learning, leadership qualities, business management skills, and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop the student’s practical skills in handling the fields of construction and infrastructure using numerical techniques or physical measurements by applying a full range of civil engineering concepts and techniques while maintaining safety measures in construction and materials and assessing the environmental impacts of projects.
  • Train students to think in a creative and innovative manner, and apply the principles and theories of construction and building engineering in solving applied problems in the construction sector and scientific research.
  • Prepare graduates to work in a multi-disciplinary environment, and follow and contribute to the developments in the construction field

Job Opportunities for Graduates

Job opportunities for the graduates of the Construction Engineering and Management Program are expanding to include work in a wide range of Civil Engineering projects, including concrete construction projects – steel construction projects – road and highway projects – irrigation projects – harbor, marine facilities, and coastal protection – sewage and industrial projects.