Strategic Goals and objectivesStrategic Goals and objectives

Strategic Goals and objectives

1Strengthen the institutional capacity of the CollegeUpdating the organizational structure to suit the size and nature of the college activity and the development of new units
Support and strengthen the material resources of the College
Developing the faculty's own resources and raising the efficiency of its use
Continuous development of academic and managerial abilities and skills
Establish an effective quality management system and continuous improvement of performance
2Raising the efficiency of educational effectiveness to prepare a distinguished graduateUpdating and developing academic programs and decisions and launching new programs
Providing an advanced learning environment that ensures innovation and innovation
Provide improved student support systems and mechanisms to raise the competitive skills of graduates
3Enhancing the community role of the college and developing the environmentStrengthening partnership initiatives and continuous communication with community stakeholders
Expanding community and environmental activities and activating the role of the college in sustainable development
Adapting advanced methods to effectively market the services and activities of the College
Expanding partnerships with international institutions and supporting international funded projects
4Developing the scientific research system and introducing distinguished programs for postgraduate studiesProviding a supportive environment for scientific research and encouraging distinguished applied research
Preparation and introduction of distinguished graduate programs