MCR322 – Microbiology

Course lecturer :

Dr .Walid Lotfy

Course assistant :

  • Dr. Nayera Abd El Ghany
  • Dr. Nancy Adel
  • Dr. Toka Saad
  • Dr. Radwa Ahmed
  • Dr. Sarah Shebl

Course objectives :

This course aims at the following: Students will acquire knowledge of oral ecosystem and its relationship to dental plaque biofilm, calculus formation and common dental/oral diseases. Students will be able to distinguish between various salivary gland and oral mucosal infections. Students will be able to integrate knowledge of viral hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus infections and their relation to dentistry. Students will be able to characterize different microbiological peculiarities of periodontal diseases, dentoalveolar infections and dental caries. Students will be able to recognize various diagnostic microbiology methods, clinical features, treatment and control of different oral/dental infections.

Course description :

The course is designed to cover the following: Infections of salivary gland and oral mucosa. Viral hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus infections. The oral ecosystem and dental plaque biofilm. Microbiology of dental caries and periodontal diseases. Dentoalveolar infections. The tutorial workout will provide hands-on application of the principles that had been discussed in the lecture.

Course assessment :

  • Semester Work 30% = 60 marks
  • Class work: 30 marks
  • Assignment: 10 marks
  • Quiz: 20 marks
  •  Mid Term Examination 20% = 40 marks
  •  Final Term Examination 50% = 100 marks
  • Total = 200 marks

Recommended text books :

  • Essential Microbiology for dentistry (2012): Samarnayake L., Elsevier Health Sciences.
  • Essentials of Microbiology for dental students (2006): Bagg J. et al., Oxford University Press.