The Faculty adopts community-based (Community Projects) or community-oriented learning patterns. The notion of development and planning to achieve sustainability through different types of areas and attractions such as beaches / archaeological areas / mountain resorts / marine life / pristine nature areas and others.

The most important examples of these projects are as follows:

  • Implementation of the Blue Flag criteria for more sustainable beaches by applying to the beaches of Alexandria
  • Preparation of a file for the development of the region of Com Al-Shakafa and Al-Sawari column to be listed on The UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Documentation of tourism and hotel terminology to use the profession linguistics and preserving it from extinction.
  • Documenting natural conservations and ecotourism sites in Egypt.
  • Applying Food Safety Project at Pharos University as Sustainability application.
  • Implementation of the principles of tourism for all Accessible Tourism or Tourism for people with special needs in the area of Com Al-Shokafa in Alexandria.
  • Implementing sustainable accounting in hotel establishments.
  • Green conversion as one of the green economy patterns
  • Development of the Max Zone to implement the preservation of identity. (Back Stage Tourism)
  • Food Print in the tourism and hotel industry, which was submitted to the Fulbright Foundation in 2015-2016