The Department of Architectural Engineering arranges annual trips and scientific visits to countries of rich architectural and cultural heritage. The program includes visiting iconic buildings, attending cultural events and visiting architectural schools.


The aim of these trips is to widen the students’ scope through introducing them to different architectural styles, modern construction techniques and heritage conservation projects, In addition to, educating the architectural students about western cultures and their perspective of modern architecture.


Ten scientific programs have been organized with many international schools all over the world, These programs started with Dubai (spring 2011), Rome (Spring 2012), Paris (Spring 2013), Berlin (Spring 2014), Vienna (Spring 2015), New Delhi (Fall 2016), Moscow (Spring 2016), Paris (Fall 2017), Barcelona (spring 2018) and finally India (fall 2019 ), These Scientific Programs have benefited more than 200 students from different levels in the architectural engineering department .