Our vision is to transform young minds into fearless changemakers. The center will equip students with the tools to bridge the gap between dreams and reality, not just to launch ventures, it is about harnessing the boundless potential of human ingenuity to tackle problems and rewrite the future. This is the legacy we strive to create, where our university becomes a launchpad for the next generation of impactful entrepreneurs, shaping a brighter, bolder tomorrow.


Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center is committed to assisting Pharos University students/graduates in making their career successful in the future by offering specific training modules, resources, career- related counseling, and entrepreneurship programs.


  • The university’s entrepreneurship center aims to create an ecosystem where ideas flourish. It aspires to not only launch successful startups but also cultivate a broader culture of entrepreneurial thinking, equipping future generations with the confidence and skillset to become changemakers in whatever field they choose.