ELC Webinar Series

We’re delighted to announce that ELC Webinar Biweekly Series” is back for the winter season!

Our speakers who are experts in ELT for many years aim to deliver effective and fruitful sessions for you all. They volunteer to pass on their knowledge. These webinars are free of charge and designed for all English teachers working in mainstream education. Our webinars are different as they are not just a presentation! All participants will go away with new and applicable ideas. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance for each webinar they attend.

See you in November!


2022 November PUA Webinar Series


Date Subject Time Speaker
November 14th, 2022 Effective Material Exploitation   7:00 P.M

(Egypt’s time)

Elena Kapshutar
November 21st, 2022 SOFLA®  – Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach   3:00 P.M

(Egypt’s time)

Dr. Helaine W Marshall
November 28th, 2022 Video-based Instruction in a nutshell   6:00 P.M

(Egypt’s time)

Dr. Ahmed Shaaban


Effective Material Exploitation

Elena Kapshutar
November 14th, 2022 @7:00 P.M (Egypt’s time)
Link to register: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEvdOGvrT0rEtDmb8yx_zz8nlqNRb3nA6zb


During the one-hour webinar we are going to reflect upon what materials we use, how we work with them, and how we can exploit them more effectively to facilitate the learning process for our students. We are also going to talk about adaptation techniques that could be used in the classroom and in preparation for the classes. Eventually, another burning question will be considered: why do we rely so heavily on the materials? What can we do to change this situation? How compatible are these alternatives with real-life teaching and to what extent do they help our learners?

Ms. Elena Kapshutar has been teaching English and German since 2010‌ in almost all the possible environments and settings – university, high school, private language school, teacher training centers etc. ‌‌I am a teacher trainer who also worked as a methodologist, ADOS and DOS in 2017-2022. At the moment, I’m a full-time CELTA tutor based in Türkiye. I'm a life-long learner who believes in education as the main social lift.






Dr. Helaine W Marshall
November 21st, 2022 @ 3:00 pm Egypt’s time
Link to register:


SOFLA® is an 8-step learning cycle for synchronous online flipped instruction that provides structured, multimodal, interactive experiences to support all learners. Learn how to implement this approach effectively to create fertile spaces for engagement and success in your online classroom. Resources provided.

Dr. Marshall is Professor of Education and Director of Language Education Programs at LIU Hudson, NY, USA. She teaches courses in linguistics and multicultural education in face-to-face, blended, and synchronous online formats. Her research interests include: culturally  – sustaining education, SLIFE, and instructional design. Her most recent book is Meeting the Needs of SLIFE: A Guide for Educators, 2nd ed., co-authored with A. DeCapua and F.L. Tang.

Dr.Marshall has developed a model of online flipped learning, and her most recent article on that topic is “Fostering Teaching Presence through the Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach,” with I. Kostka, TESL-EJ.





Video-based Instruction in a nutshell

Dr. Ahmed Shaaban
November 28th, 2022 @ 6:00 pm Egypt’s time
Link to register: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAlcuCsrzgoHtwf0olDl7zxUC-5Yexz5otv


Video-based learning literally refers to learning experiences facilitated through video. With its ability to combine camera footage, animation, graphics, text, and audio, videos create a multi senSor, it becomes a challenge for teachers to find and develop creative and effective ways to engage and educate the Digital natives. Teachinggeneration Z, those who are born in the modern technological era and are very adept in using technology, requires different approaches, methods and materials in teaching. The presentation is just a brief to shed light on video-based instruction.

Dr. Ahmad Shaaban Abdelgawad is a university lecturer of English, teacher trainer ,an expert with 25 years in TESOL, Cambridge CELTA certified and a PhD holder in Curriculum and TEFL instruction, Helwan University. He has performed and accomplished different roles and tasks starting from teaching, mentoring, training and assessment. Regarding training, he trained many teachers online and f2f. Furthermore, he was in charge of establishing and running the English Language Centre in one of the biggest educational companies in KSA implementing a standardized language skills framework. As a presenter, he shared in some symposiums and conferences like ILACE 2021 and others outside Egypt. He has successfully published research topics in TEFL focusing on integration of technology in ELT and oral skills.