To strengthen the cooperation between PUA’s Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations and the Egyptian State Lawsuits Authority (ESLA), the Faculty has initiated a new teaching program as part of the Legal Skills 2 course (LX 10). During the spring semester of the 2023/2024 academic year, advisors from the State Lawsuits Authority will be assigned to teach this course to junior students for one hour each week.

The advisors will focus on enhancing a range of critical legal skills, including writing various types of lawsuit papers: civil, criminal, administrative, and personal status. They will also teach students how to draft legal documents such as warnings, memos, and civil contracts. Additionally, the course will cover conducting legal research for evidence and defenses, which is essential for building strong legal cases.

In addition to classroom instruction, students will gain practical experience through attending court sessions to observe legal proceedings. They will also learn about real estate notarization processes, including power of attorney and registration procedures. Interactions with family dispute settlement offices (family courts) and dispute resolution committees will further enrich their understanding of legal processes.

Students will also learn the procedures involved in establishing companies, registering in the commercial registry, and dealing with the Investment Authority. This hands-on experience aims to provide students with practical knowledge that complements their theoretical studies, preparing them for successful careers in the legal field.