The Faculty of Mass Communication Held a Seminar for Discussing Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2018-2019

The Faculty of Mass Communication held a seminar on Monday Morning 17/06/2019 for discussing the graduation projects of the faculty students of the following departments: (Journalism, Public Relations and Radio and TV Departments). The projects were evaluated by an examination panel which comprised of a number of external examiners including: Mr/ Salah Eldeen Mostafa –... Continue Reading

“The Vocational Training Week of the Field Training For the Academic Year 2018/2019 Has Completed “

In the framework of implementing the field training plan the students of faculties of (Engineering, Legal Studies and Intentional Relations, Arts and Design and Financial and Administrative Sciences) have completed their vocational training period for the academic year 2018/2019. The vocational training lectures were given by a number of external specialists in these fields who…

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“An Important Announcement“

The Field Training Center announces job opportunities at one of the programing companies in Alexandria for the graduates of faculties of Financial and Administrative Sciences and Engineering “Computer Engineering Department” For those who are interested in this job opportunity, please submit your CVs at the Field Training Center, at the Humanities and Social studies building... Continue Reading

A Visit of the Delegation of Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Sports Federation for Universities to Pharos University in Alexandria

Prof. Mahmoud Mohy Eldeen- the President of the university, Prof. Ramadan Abu Elelah- the Vice President of the university and Prof. Hesham Elshemy- the Head of the student activities of the university received a high-level delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education, scientific research and the sports federation for universities that was included: Prof. Tayah…

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Signing a Collaboration Protocol Between Pharos University and Leadership Development Institute of Ministry of Higher Education

Saturday morning 15/06/2019, the collaboration protocol between Pharos university and Leadership Development Institute of Ministry of Higher Education was signed. Prof. Mahmoud Mohy Eldeen- the President of Pharos University signed the agreement as the university representative and Prof. Tayah Abd Elatif- the Consultant of Minister of Higher Education and scientific research. This was held in... Continue Reading


The Field Training Center at Pharos University announces that one of the chemical industrial companies in Alexandria needs two freshly graduated engineers specialized in Petrochemical Engineering during their undergraduate studies. The applicants should have vocational training in petrochemical Engineering. For those who are interested, please submit your CVs to the Field Training Center within a…

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