A Field Visit to FIS’ Kindergarten

PUA’s Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management organized a field visit for junior and senior Tourism students to Cairo’s key landmarks. The visit featured an extended excursion and a detailed educational tour of the Giza Pyramids and the Interfaith Complex. This initiative aimed to enrich students' theoretical knowledge with practical experience, keeping them abreast of... Continue Reading

Recycling CDs

The Architectural Engineering Department prioritizes recycling activities and the use of waste materials to educate students on sustainability. In this context, the Department gathered all the used CDs stored in the archive and held a lecture to present innovative ideas for reusing these CDs, discussing methods for collecting them and distributing them to needy participants.... Continue Reading

Architectural Engineering’s Talent Show

The Architectural Engineering Department places significant emphasis on fostering a family atmosphere through various activities, promoting teamwork, and encouraging creativity. In this spirit, the Department organized its fourth student activity, the “Talent Show,” which featured sections for singing, acting, and playing musical instruments. Numerous students participated, either as performers or supporters, displaying great enthusiasm throughout... Continue Reading

A Construction Seminar

The Construction Engineering and Management Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, under the supervision of the Student Activities Department, organized a scientific seminar featuring Dr. Ayman Al-Jamal. Dr. Al-Jamal discussed the current requirements of the labor market, emphasizing the essential skills that students need to develop to remain competitive and succeed in their future careers.... Continue Reading

Petrochemical Engineering’s Scientific Day

PUA’s Faculty of Engineering organized the Scientific Day activities for the Petrochemical Engineering Department, under the supervision of the Student Activities Department. The event commenced with welcoming speeches by the Department Head and the Dean, setting a positive and enthusiastic tone for the day's proceedings. The seminar featured esteemed guest speakers, including Major General Dr.... Continue Reading

Strategic Planning and KPIs

Within the framework of PUA’s Faculty of Engineering’s development plan and in light of the Dean’s directives regarding the continuous development of the Faculty’s human resources, the human resources training team recently concluded a 2-day workshop. This workshop, titled "Strategic Planning and KPIs," was delivered by Dr. Noha Badr, a Lecturer in the Faculty of... Continue Reading

Anti-Violence Lecture

In light of the interest of PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, and under the directives of the Dean, the Faculty organized an awareness lecture presented by the Anti-Violence Team. This lecture aimed to familiarize students with the different forms of violence, causes, and effects. The Anti-Violence Team was headed by Dr. Heba Abdel Hamid, a Lecturer... Continue Reading

A Field Visit to Sidi Krir Thermal Power Plant

A Field Visit to Sidi Krir Thermal Power Plant The Mechanical Engineering Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering is dedicated to enhancing students’ practical skills and connecting academic study with the demands of the labor market. Under the patronage of the Dean and the Department Head, the senior students specializing in Mechanical Power Program visited... Continue Reading

Construction Engineering’s Chess Tournament

The Construction Engineering and Management Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, in collaboration with the Student Activities Department, recently organized a chess tournament for the department’s students. The objective of this activity was to foster a spirit of competition and camaraderie among the students while encouraging participation in intellectually stimulating student activities. Faculty members and... Continue Reading

2nd to Future: Egypt as a Regional and Pivotal Energy Hub

The Electrical Engineering Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering recently organized a series of scientific lectures featuring industry experts and job market stakeholders. These lectures aim to provide students with insights into industrial applications in their field of specialization and link academic study with practical experience to better prepare them for the labor market. As... Continue Reading