“Managing Internationalization in HEIs:   Theory and Practices from Egyptian and Mexican Perspectives”

Within the framework of building the capacities of higher education institutions in relation to internationalization, and in the context of fruitful cooperation between the Egyptian and foreign international relations offices, a workshop entitled “Managing Internationalization in HEIs: Theory and Practices from Egyptian and Mexican Perspectives” was conducted. It was co-organized by the International Relations Offices of Pharos University in Alexandria and Helwan University in Cairo, in cooperation with the International Relations Offices of the Universities of Guadalajara, Veracruzana, and Culagos in Mexico. In addition to Magdalena University in Spain. Further, the workshop aims to build the capacities of staff members working on internationalization of universities, and share best practices and expertise in the most common internationalization aspects.

The workshops are lectured by experts in the field of internationalization and the management of international activities in higher education institutions. The workshops will be held one day per week, from February 14 to March 7, 2023, via the Zoom Meeting, at 5:30 PM CLT.

By the end of the series, the participant should

  • Have knowledge about the trends of internationalization and its challenges.
  • Have the know-how of developing international curriculum.
  • Be able to develop a structure for IRO and define key responsibilities.
  • Draw internationalization strategies and link them to the university strategic plan.
  • Be able to develop a project idea leading to a successful project application.
  • Get exposed to best practices from other IRO colleagues.
  • Widen his/her professional network.