Pharos University received a high-level delegation of the Central Administration for Foreign Students Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on Sunday, 19 January 2020. This visit was held in the framework of the University’s endeavours to develop the system of admitting foreign students from the Arab and African countries into Pharos University. This delegation was headed by Prof. Rasha Kamal, the Head of the Central Administration for Foreign Students Affairs. The delegation was received by Prof. Mahmoud Mohy El-Din, the President of Pharos University; Prof. Norhan Fanaky, the Vice-President for Education and Student affairs; Prof. Mohamed Helal, the Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Researches and Prof. Gamal Badie Mohamed, a Consultant of the University President for Academic and External Relations. This meeting featured several discussions about setting policies for enticing foreign students to join Egyptian universities, in addition to the necessity of meeting all the needed requirements for developing the system of admitting them. The delegation was also escorted in a tour around the campus where they were given some synopses of the features the educational process applied in Pharos University as well as all the curricular and extracurricular activities. At the end of the visit, the delegation met with Eng. Alaa Ragab, the Chairman of the PUA Board of Trustees where Prof. Rasha Kamal, expressed her admiration of the campus facilities and the human potentials of the labs and clinics. This was in addition to commending Pharos University for using the state-of the–art scientific apparatus and the very well-equipped halls for delivering lectures which all are very compatible with the international standards of quality. All these aspects led Prof. Rasha Kamal to admit that Pharos University academically excels in the realm of education, in comparison with other local and regional universities.