Computer Science’s Exhibition

In line with PUA’s commitment to supporting student initiatives and the Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence’s dedication to practical application of academic content, an exhibition titled “Digitization and Visualization” was organized. The primary objective of this exhibition was to serve as a platform for students from the Departments of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science to showcase their outstanding projects.

These projects were developed using cutting-edge computer science algorithms and operating systems, and software. Additionally, the exhibition featured an impressive array of projects employing virtual reality technologies, with a particular emphasis on augmented reality applications.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including Prof. Dr. Nourhan Fanaky, PUA’s Vice President, Supervisor of the Quality Assurance Center, as well as Chairman of PUA’s Digital Education Committee, along with Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Acting Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs.