The editorial team of the Pharos Engineering Sciences Journal, affiliated with the Faculty of Engineering, cordially invites researchers and students to submit their new and innovative papers in English. These submissions should aim to make significant contributions to the field of applied engineering sciences across various specializations. The publication of such papers is crucial for advancing scientific research, as the journal holds esteemed status as a semi-annual online platform, released in June and December each year.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Muhammad Al-Meligy, the Dean of the Faculty, extends heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, the Dean’s Advisor for Postgraduate Studies, and Dr. Hussein Al-Tibi, Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department, for their dedicated efforts in ensuring the successful completion of this endeavor.

Researchers interested in sharing their work are encouraged to submit their papers to for consideration. For additional information, please visit the journal’s website at