Practical Applications of the New Social Insurance Law

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Hammam Mohamed Mahmoud Zahran, Dean of PUA’s Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, in collaboration with the Student Activities Management, the Faculty organized a seminar to discuss the new Social Insurance Law No. 148... Continue Reading

A Construction Seminar

The Construction Engineering and Management Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering, under the supervision of the Student Activities Department, organized a scientific seminar featuring Dr. Ayman Al-Jamal. Dr. Al-Jamal discussed the current requirements of the labor market, emphasizing the essential skills that students need to develop to remain competitive and succeed in their future careers.... Continue Reading

Technical Methods for Architectural Display

Within the framework of PUA’s student activities programs, the Faculty of Arts and Design organized a seminar entitled “Technical Methods for Architectural Display of Engineering Drawings Using Computer Programs.” This seminar was delivered by Dr. Mahitab Al-Sayed, a Lecturer in the Décor Department. The seminar aimed to familiarize students with the extensive capabilities of computers... Continue Reading

A Field Visit to Ismailia Medical Complex

PUA’s Student Activities Department organized a field visit to the Health Insurance Complex in Ismailia. The administration of the Complex hosted PUA’s students in the conference hall for an orientation session about the Complex. Following this, the students toured various departments of the medical complex to observe modern medical methods and devices in use. Students... Continue Reading

Sports Content Creation

Sports Content Creation Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Acting Vice President for Environmental Development and Community Service Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Naeala Emaraa, Dean of the Faculty, PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication hosted a distinguished panel featuring journalist Walid Qassem, editor-in-chief of the Korabia website; TV presenter Naglaa Abdel-Barr; and marketing expert... Continue Reading

2nd to Future: Egypt as a Regional and Pivotal Energy Hub

The Electrical Engineering Department at PUA’s Faculty of Engineering recently organized a series of scientific lectures featuring industry experts and job market stakeholders. These lectures aim to provide students with insights into industrial applications in their field of specialization and link academic study with practical experience to better prepare them for the labor market. As... Continue Reading

The Geniuses Competitions

The Faculty of Health Sciences Technology at PUA recently hosted a scientific competition titled "The Geniuses Competition." Dr. Hisham Kamel led the event, dividing the students into two teams and posing general knowledge questions across various fields. The primary aim of the competition was to enhance cultural awareness among the students. The event concluded with... Continue Reading

Abstract Art Workshop

PUA’s Faculty of Arts and Design organized a workshop on Abstract Art. The workshop was presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shaima Khudair, Assistant Professor in the Graphics Department. During this workshop, Dr. Shaima is the idea of abstract art, and that the performance depends on abstract shapes and models that are far from resembling figures... Continue Reading

Transforming an Idea Board into an Interior Design Simulation

PUA’s Faculty of Arts and Design orchestrated a workshop titled “Transforming an Idea Board into an Interior Design Simulation.” Dr. Lina Ali, a Lecturer from the Décor Department, led the session, delving into the utilization of artificial intelligence applications in interior design. She also elucidated on leveraging the surrounding environment for color harmony and design... Continue Reading

Computer Science’s Exhibition

Computer Science’s Exhibition In line with PUA’s commitment to supporting student initiatives and the Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence's dedication to practical application of academic content, an exhibition titled "Digitization and Visualization" was organized. The primary objective of this exhibition was to serve as a platform for students from the Departments of Artificial... Continue Reading