Amidst a large student presence, PUA’s Faculty of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence held its field training qualifying week. The event saw the participation of numerous representatives from companies and external training providers, who conducted orientation sessions detailing their training locations, plans, and programs.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Etman, Acting Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, delivered the opening speech. He emphasized the critical importance of field training and PUA’s commitment to offering top-notch training opportunities. He highlighted that the goal is to equip students with practical, technical, and applied skills that align with their academic studies, thereby preparing them for the labor market and enhancing their competitiveness.

Additionally, the Dean stressed that completing the stages of field training is a graduation requirement, underscoring that no student can graduate without fulfilling this obligation. The Dean encouraged students to make the most of these training opportunities and to represent the university positively with their various training providers.