The Electrical Engineering Department organized a scientific trip through visiting Sidi Kerir Power Plant of the West Delta Electricity Production Company (WDEPC). The visit was under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Academic Supervisor of the Electrical Engineering Department, and in the presence of Dr. Gamal Mahmoud, Head of Department’s Student Activities and Lecturer of Power and Control, Dr. Mohamed El-Naqeeb, Lecturer of mechanical forces who is delegated from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, and Eng. Eman Abu Al-Khair, Teaching Assistant in the Department’s Power and Control Course and member of the Student Activities Committee. In addition to the fifth year students majoring in electrical power and control.


This visit, which was on Wednesday, December 28, 2021, aimed developing the capabilities of department’s graduates to meet the needs of the labor market, through linking the academic study with the practical applications. This is done through on-site visits and presence with engineers, technicians, and workers. As well as moving in and examining the plant’s components, where theoretical information is being confirmed and linked with the process.


The gas circuits (compressors, pistons, fire chambers, and gas turbines) and the steam cycle (gas turbines of various types, heat recovery boilers, and steam condensers) were examined. Many mechanical pumps, electric generators, primary and auxiliary transformers, excitation transformers, and all practical interconnecting circuits were also viewed on-site.

As a result, being familiarized with the complete work system through the main control center of the station, the students were given a realization of their role as the future engineer at the work site, whether as an operation engineer or a maintenance engineer.


Consequently, the visit gave the students utmost faith in their academic studies as they had the chance to practically apply them on the ground.