A delegation from Pharos University, based on the invitation of the Egyptian Special Olympics Administration, participated in Special Olympics Middle East/North Africa Region (MENA) “Egypt 2020” that was held under the auspices of President Abdel-Fattah Al Sisi. The delegation participated in welcoming the players and examining muscles flexibility, body balance and Circulatory and Respiratory systems functions. The delegation also trained the players to solve problems observed during examination. This participation of Pharos University is considered as an unprecedented contribution to the community. It is worth mentioning that 800 participants from 42 Arabic and African countries were involved in this Olympics which started from 23 to 31 January at Cairo International Stadium and 30 June Stadium. Twenty four students from faculty of Physical Therapy participated in carrying out these tasks under the supervision of Dr. Rihan Gamal Abd El Naser, Assistant Lecturers Mohamed Mortada and Lamiaa Said Hassan. The Special Olympics Administration distributed certificates to students and supervisors in recognition of their efforts in this event. The organization of this participation was managed under the supervision of Prof. Shaimaa Abo El Azm, the Dean of faculty of Physical Therapy and Prof. Ramdan Abu El Ala, the Vice President of Pharos University.