Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) is now open for enrollment in the academic year of 2022 / 2023. Starting from Sunday, June 12, 2022, enrolling students are welcomed to visit the campus, check all faculties, and their available facilities. Further, the Admission and Registration Department is pleased to answer the students’ inquiries daily from 10 am to 3 pm.

PUA consists from 12 faculties accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, as follows:

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology Faculty of Physical Therapy

Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations

Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Languages and Translation

Faculty of Arts and Design

Faculty of Mass Communication

Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management

Faculty of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

Pharos University is the first Egyptian private university in Alexandria. It was established by Presidential Decree No. 252 of 2006 and Presidential Decree No. 302 of 2009. The university’s certificates are all accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Faculty of Engineering is accredited from the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden (KTH). KTH is the largest and most prestigious technical university in Sweden with a history dating back to 1827. It is also ranked among the top ten European universities in the field of engineering.

The Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences at Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) offers a bachelor dual degree in Business Administration and Management in collaboration with Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) in Ireland.

Member of the Association of Arab Universities

Member of the Euro-Mediterranean Universities Union

Member of the Francophone Universities Agency

PUA’s administration encourages all its department to fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001 / 2015.

For more information and how to register, please message our page or contact the following numbers:

☎️ 03/3877700 ☎️ ☎️ 03/3877200 ☎️ ☎️ 03/3877400 ☎️