As part of its interest in participating in important issues at both global and local levels, PUA’s Faculty of Mass Communication organized a seminar on “Media and Climate Change in the Light of the Sustainable Development Goals”. This seminar tackled the following topics:

  1. Climate changes and how to adapt to them.
  2. Urgent actions to address climate changes.
  3. Alexandria and the fate of disappearance.
  4. Rising temperatures and their impact on coastal cities.
  5. Sustainable development and climate fluctuations.
  6. The role of media and social media in educating the public about climate changes and their effects on all aspects of life.


Further, the seminar hosted a group of environment and media experts, namely: Dr. Mahmoud Bakr, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ahram Weekly and Head of the Environment Department. Dr. Ramy Yacoub, United Nations Industrial Development Consultant and Director of the European Union and Earth Climate for Sustainable Development Foundation’s Climathon Egypt Project, Dr. Mamdouh Rashwan, Secretary-General of the Arab Union for Environmental Affairs and President of the Egyptian Youth Association for Development & Environment (YADE). Dr. Saber Mohammed Othman, Climate Change Expert and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Climate Earth Climate for Sustainable Development Foundation’s, Dr. Sameh Riyadh, Head of the Environmental Affairs Authority in Alexandria Governorate. Prof. Hassan Baraka, Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Environmental official at Al-Akhbar Newspaper. Prof. Fawzy Abdel Halim, former Editor-in-Chief and Head of Environment Department of Al-Ahram Newspaper. The seminar aimed to educate students about the climate change crisis and its effects on the future of upcoming generations.


This seminar was moderated by Dr. Mahmoud Bakr, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ahram Weekly and Head of the Environment Department at Al-Ahram. The guests presented several visions on different topics.


This seminar was characterized by the remarkable organization, large attendance, interaction of the Faculty students and guests, as well as the exchange of experiences and different viewpoints.