In the framework of the summer training 2020-2021, the Department of Architectural Engineering participated with a group of students from the Fourth Level (8th Semester): Aisha Mohamed, Nadine Hisham and Sarah Al Murabai, under the supervision of Associate Prof. Riham Nady Faragallah and the team won the First Prize (People and Jurors Choice Award).

The main aim of the competition is to design a sustainable and healthy environment that meets all the needs of pilgrims through functional design of small spaces and upgrading their experience in the light of the increasing number of pilgrims in the city of Mina, Saudi Arabia. It takes into account the precautionary and hygienic measures to confront COVID-19, as well as applying various environmental treatments that are compatible with this desert area. In this way, the tents in the city of Mina are ready for the growth of pilgrims in the future.

The Saudi office INJ Architects, in cooperation with UNI Competitions, launched an International Architectural Competition entitled: “The White Lands”, in which a large group of architectural offices, architects and architectural students have participated from 23 different countries around the world.

Jury Comments:

Good concept with reference to the “Tent” legacy of Mina, allowing for future growth and challenges of any health threatening issues (like the current COVID-19) with good health, hygiene and distancing measures.


A sustainable and healthy Tent for pilgrims (Photos)