The Electrical Engineering Department organized a scientific competition under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, and the supervision and presence of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdul Rahman, Academic Advisor of the Electrical Engineering Department, Dr. Gamal Mahmoud, department’s student activities / media coordinator, Eman Abu Al-Khair Bakr, teaching assistant, head of student activities committee / Media, and Eng. Amr Mamdouh, Faculty of Engineering’s Activities Coordinator. The competition was held on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, with an active participation of students from different academic years. During the competition, the students presented (26) innovative small projects, which demonstrated their ability to link the theoretical courses studied with practical implementation. The ability to cope up with current technology, and linking it to applications that simulate reality that are useful in various fields. These fields include development of remote voice transmission methods, obstruction, signal jamming, design of circuits to control the type and shape of lighting, remote electronic control, as well as various uses of smart systems and topics.